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Waterbury Method


I just got done with my first day of my first full-body program, Waterbury Method...damn. At first glance I thought it was way too easy, but i have just been proven wrong. I really feel like this program is working! Anyone been on this, want to share your opinions?


How can you "feel" like it's working after a day?
Anyway, I've tried it and had awesome strength gains and alot of fun when doing it.


It's a great program, 10x3 is deceptively tough, made good strength gains on it and loved the speed with which I could get through workouts. Everything but bench and chins shot up, and those went up a little bit as well, just not as much.


YOu guys talk about strength gains..what about size? Also on 4 sets of 6 what are the loading parameters?? I'm gonna start it Monday I think...trying to get as much info and help on it. I don't want to start with not enough weight or too much...thanks!


loading parameters are covered in the article


If you do a search for T-member Sterno, he has spreadsheets of all CW's programs. I suggest you download them and print them out before starting. Everything's laid out and easy to follow...all you have to do is lift.


I've looked over some ABBH1 and thought it looked like a great program for a relative beginner like me. The only problem is that the "every other day" nature of the program doesn't work well for me. It is VERY difficult for me to get to the gym on weekends due to commute and family obligations. However, it is very convenient for me to lift on my lunch hour at work every day.

Would it be out of line to modify the ABBH1 routine to a Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri schedule and rest on Wed/Sat/Sun? That would increase the workouts per week from 3.5 to 4, but it works with my schedule better.