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Waterbury Method


I have a kind of dumb question about the waterbury method. When it says Rest:60 seconds (between exercise pairings), does that mean do Barbell Curls rest 60 seconds then do skull crushers rest 60 seconds then do Barbell curls again Or doest it mean do Barbell curls then skull crushers then rest 60 seconds then do the super set again. I know this is kind of a dumb question but if anyone could clear that up it would be appreciated.


Not a stupid question, as the issue caused some confusion on the article thread as well. That being said, you rest 60 seconds after each set (as opposed to each superset):

A1, rest 60s, A2, rest 60s, A1, rest 60s, etc.


Agreed. However some nice ways to progress with this method which I am currently following: if you cannot manage to add 2.5% each workout (sometimes because you physically can't manage, and sometimes because it is very difficult adding 2.5% to 8kg db's or 20kg bb's :stuck_out_tongue: ) is to reduced that time.

So one week you had 60s between sets. The next week you can't add 2.5% as you only have 1.25kg plates to add which would be something like 5-10%, so you rather drop the time to 50s. Then to 40s. I go down until about 30s and then add the minimum weight. By that time my muscles have usually adpated and strengthened enough for the heavier load.


I'm glad you asked this question and apparantly I should have asked too because I just finished week one of WM and I was doing the A1, no rest, A2, 60 secs rest.. etc.
I also omitted the 6th excersise each workout because I though it was too much. Especially on day 3 after doing 10X3 BP, 4X6 MP, I did'nt think my tri's could handle 4X6 French press too.. Anyone else find this?


Thanks for clearing that up guys and xenithon i will try reducing the rest time each week.


Well I certainly feel like a dumbass! I've already done the whole program and I thought it was super hardcore. Here's what I was doing: A1, then start stopwatch, then do A2 and rush back to do A1 before the time was up! I was just lapping the gym doing my madman style training.

My conditioning certainly went up though!


This does not apply to AofW does it? I was pretty sure A1 was directly followed by A2 with no rest, then the rest period took place. Hope I have been doing it right!


One more question for you guys. Does the rest have to be pretty percise? Or can i guesstimate because there is only one small clock in the gym that i train at. But i can get a stop watch if it is important.


Buy the stop watch. The progression and advancement from week to week requires pretty acurate measurement of time down to seconds.


Alright will do Phill thanks