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Waterbury Method

Who here has done this and what did you think?

I’m currently in week 2 of WM and I gotta say I’m really enjoyin it. I changed a couple of exercises though since I don’t always train in a gym. As far as results go, I can’t say much except that I gained 2 pounds over the past week. I should say that I had just finished the AoW right before (gained 10 lbs, not much fat) so I expect the same kind of results with this one since it’s based on a lot of the same principles.

If nothin else, it’s pretty fun.

I’m starting the 3rd week today. I’ve changed the order [today is bench focus and wed is squat foucus]and some of the exercises, but i’m lovin it.Weight is up a couple of pounds and strength is progressin nicely.

here’s how I modified it.
mon-bench 10x3@ 90 sec
a1]rackSLDL’s4x6 1min a2]seated military4x6
b1]highpulls 4x6 b2]seated calves4x6
pressdowns 4x6

wed-squat 10x3 90sec
a1]parrallel cable rows4x6 a2]weighted dips 4x6
b1]skull crushers4x6 b2]bb curls4x6

fri- weighted chins 10x3 90sec
a1]decline bench 4x6 a2]db hammer curls4x6
b1] leg curls4x6 b2]calves4x6
db split squats 4x6

I’m lovin this workout. I don’t know why, but with the 70sec rest I just couldn’t get it. I started with my 8rm and it just wasn’t flyin, so i bumped it up to 90 and now I’m roarin’ through every workout.I’m stronger EVERY workout and I’ve gained about 4lbs. try it.

I did this a few months ago and was pleased with my strength gains. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but my squat went up quite a bit along with everything else. I would definately do it again when I am trying to gain.

I finished it about three weeks ago. I gained muscle and strength, and I think I lost a bit more fat along the way (weight went up about 4-5 pounds). My back especially has visibly grown - and it was because of the Waterbury Method (coupled with Chad’s GPP ASAP, which I also did as my cardio during that month).

I intend to do it again in a few months, although I’ll probably try to swap some of the exercises. I think it was really good!

Right now, I’m nearing the end of week one of the Art of Waterbury - and I like it at least as much if not better.

Try it. You’ll love it. :slight_smile:



I just finished the AoW program, which i really enjoyed, wondering if i should start this next?

I really enjoyed it. It was tough and made me realise I needed to improve on my conditioning a lot, but my squat deadlift and bench numbers all went up and I was able to smash through some PR’s when I tested them after completing the WM.