Waterbury Method Question

I just started the program yesterday, really like the first workout, but a question for Chad or any of you guys who have done this: Since I’m substituting deadlifts for squats on Day 1, can I change Day 3’s Romanian Deadlifts to Front Squats or Leg Presses, since I feel like I’m getting minimal quad work and I’m trying to rebuild and strengthen my legs after an ankle injury? Might be more work, but I figure Chad preaches that there’s no such thing as too many compound movements, and it’s his program.

I would think that front squats should be fine, i’d stay away from the leg presses though.

A few things: squats may be on a 10x3 as opposed to deadlifts to prevent improper form/too much weight from causing any injury, so just be careful of that.

I always feel DL hit my lower back more so than my legs, and Squats the reverse. So there may be some overlap in muscles worked doing BO Rows on day 1 as well, although it really isnt an issue at all.

Keep it a compound movement and it should be fine.