Waterbury Method Question

hey all
im fairly new to lifting, and just started the Waterbury Method and had some questions.

First off, there no incline press-- my impression is this is a real necesity in any lifting program- am i wrong?

Chad says that frequency is the key to lifting, so its strange that the only chest work on day 1 is dips, then bench press on day 3, and decline on day 5. so in the five day workout week, the lower portion of the ches tis worked 2x, and the upper part (inclines) is worked none.

do you think subing in incline for dips on day 1 is ok?

Stick to the parameters in the workout to acheive the results prescribed.

I’m just finishing up week 4 of WM. My suggestion is follow the program exactly how Chad has outlined it. Trust me, there is plenty of chest work in the program. It sounds like you are more comfortable with inclines or enjoy doing them more than say, weighted dips…that’s exactly the reason you should do weighted dips. You might want to pull up The Waterbury Method and read through the entire thread. It should help you because there are a lot of questions that were asked re: substituting exercises.