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Waterbury Method Program, Thoughts?

This article is from 04, but I find it very interesting and from quite a few posts I see he is very well respected, especially with full body programs. I’m looking for a body recomposition, lose fat gain muscle and this program looks great. Any opinions? Thank you

I really like his programming. I have his book as well. I recall getting good results from his big beyond belief program, which is set up similarly. I was considering revisiting it after my current program.

A bunch of low rep sets, not taken to failure is an effective way to train. If you’ve never tried it before it seems strange to put the barbell down before you’re fatigued or when you’re far from failure. Have faith! It works.

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Hey Willy, would this program I posted be good for what I’m going for? Body recomposition, I really like the Full Body workouts, any luck with full body workouts?

Yes very consistent feedback over the years, it works.
For recomp his " Summer project" template also worth checking out or can run back to back

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Thank you for the reply Badger! :call_me_hand:t2:

Agreed. Its a good program for recomp, just make sure you have your diet dialed in. I love full body stuff and I really like low rep work with higher weights, so his programs are right up my alley.

Looks like fun.

I was looking for a new 3 day a week program. I might try this one.