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Waterbury Method & Lagging Biceps?


I've found in my training that the muscles that haven't gained as much compared to the others are my biceps and shoulder muscles (not the rear delts but the other parts of the shoulder).

Currently, I'm doing the Waterbury method and I've read about training you lagging muscles every day. How should I go about doing this while still following the program?

I was thinking of doing 3-4 sets of an isolation movement for both biceps and shoulders. How heavy should I go? Close to failure or not near it at all? Also, what exercises do you think would help me? Thanks guys


hey man,

get a dumbell at home that you can do ~10 reps with of bicep curls. Then whenever you're at home do a set on each arm every 10 minutes when you remember. Between each set of curls just do shoulder presses at leisure.

your biceps and shoulders will explode.


thanks. anyone else?


What sliced said. Train often, keep switching exercises, sets and reps - and don't go to failure.



In this article Waterbury describes exactly what you are looking for!



I second what Marc said, i was actually going to say the same thing, i did total body training along with perfect ten for my arms and it worked great.


thanks IamMarqaos, thats exactly what i was looking for