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Waterbury Method: Days?

Just a quick question regarding the WM routine: I get sore hams and sometimes sore calves anytime I do some sort of SLDL or RDL and on occassion with calf raises respectively.

On day 3 of the WM you have RDL, and on day 5 you have ham curls, but on day 5 my hams (and sometimes calves) are still store. Can I change day 3 and day 1 around? So instead of training:
Monday = Day 1
Wednesday = Day 3
Friday = Day 5

Can I train
Monday = Day 3
Wednesday = Day 1
Friday = Day 5


I dont see anything wrong with that, but you should work on slowly bringing up your recovery for your legs. Maybe doing some light sled dragging if you have access and or high rep bodyweight calf raises.

I would just do it how its laid out. Just because a muscle is sore doesnt mean it can’t be worked, and your recovery ability will improve rather quickly