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Waterbury Method, Changing Exercises/Cardio


So just a little background… I’m 29, a little overweight and generally pretty weak. I’ve went to the gym off and on for the last few years but never too serious. Just recently (last 3-4 months) ive been going regularly and at a point that I enjoy it. Like almost everyone, my goal is to lose fat and gain strength/muscle. Reading another thread of someone similar, the waterbury method was suggested:

Day 1
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Barbell Back Squat 10 3 1 min.
B1 Dip 4 6
B2 Bent-Over Barbell or Dumbbell Row 4 6 1 min.
C1 Skull Crusher 4 6
C2 Standing Barbell Curl 4 6 1 min.
D Hanging Leg Raise 4 6 1 min.
Day 2
15-20 minutes of medium intensity jogging or GPP work

Day 3
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press 10 3 1 min.
B1 Partial Dumbbell Deadlift (Romanian Deadlift) 4 6
B2 Standing Barbell Military Press 4 6 1 min.
C1 Standing Calf Raise 4 6
C2 Upright Row 4 6 1 min.
D Triceps Pressdown (or French Press) 4 6 1 min.
Day 4
Same as Day 2

Day 5
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A Chin-Up * 10 3 1 min.
B1 Decline Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press 4 6
B2 Standing Hammer Curl 4 6 1 min.
C1 Seated Calf Raise 4 6
C2 Glute/Ham Raise or Leg Curl 4 6 1 min.
D Lunge or Step-Up * * 4 6 / leg 1 min.

  • Chin-Up – Utilize a supinated (palms up), shoulder-width hand grip
    • Lunge or Step-Up – No rest between legs

Day 6
Same as Day 2

Day 7

  1. I have no place to do chin ups (and couldnt even if I did), also, barbell deadlifting is generally my favorite lift. If I swapped doing the partial dumbbell deadlift with a lat pull down, and the chin ups with barbell deadlifting (and using that as my focus lift on day) is that generally a bad idea? Or should be okay?

  2. With trying to lose fat, its only listed as doing 15-20 minutes of light jogging on the days between, if I had add in some HIT on the days I lift, would that negate any results from lifting?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond, I’ve been trying to research and learn some on my own as well. Any books you would recommend I appreciate.


Id start with this program. It’s great for fat loss and will be good for getting proficient at the big movements. After several months, is transition into the program you posted.

If you rlect not to, then the following:

  1. Do the program as written. If you can’t do pull ups, do fat man Rows.

  2. Again, follow the program. Your diet will do more for fat loss than adding HIIT.

Again, is start with 10x3 for fat loss and eat in a slight deficit.


Yeah those changes are fine, main thing is youre getting a tough 10x3 in and that its full body accesories.

Personally would just swap chin ups for lat pulldown and do barbell romaninan deadlifts light-ish to replace dumbells.

Ok to replace one of the light jogging with HIIT session. Dont do HIIT on the lift days