Waterbury Method & Calf Training

Hi all, I’ve been reading a few of the Waterbury articles and they are great.
Two questions:

  1. My question for the Waterbury method is what would be a good calf training regimen for getting bigger/stronger calves. I seem to get stronger, and 4x6 makes them sore, but no apparent growth.

  2. Among some of Waterbury’s articles, what would be a good succession of his training methods for better performance in soccer and volleyball while keeping a minimal amount of fat. (I’m taking care of the diet part.)


i have doubts about calf training as well.

Ive recently started to base my workouts around olympic lifts, doing these exercises more than anything.

Now even exercises like pullups and military presses seem like isolation work even though i know they’re not.

the point is i feel sore calves after doing the Olympic lifts and was wondering if these lifts are good for calf hypertrophy.

Im training at home now so I dont have any calf machines to train with, so i will have to wait and see what happens.

Any thoughts?

I found reasonable success in making my calves grow by training them four times a week for the past 8 months, twice a week doing multiple sets of donkey raises for about 100 reps a set, and twice a week doing 5 sets of heavy standing raises for about 10-15 reps a set (with a barbell).

Access to a seated calf machine would have been nice, but this worked reasonably well.

what amount of success did you find with your calf training (how much did your calves grow?)

I put on nearly 2 inches, however they were only 13" in the first place.

This worked for me, as I have somewhat of a sedentary background and at that time, lots of potential for growth. So my success could be dismissed as merely focusing on a much under-trained body part.

Arnie had terrible calf development. He did one thing. Worked out his calves at every session, he’d complete a between different exercises/supersets he’d do a set or two of calves. It worked.

As Chad always says, look at football players calves. They train them everyday and that’s why they are massive, it’s all about frequency.