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Waterbury is Killing Me


The heading says it all!

I've been training for around 10 years and have competed in around 8 regional bodybuilding contests. I'm not natural, so there's no need to ask, although I trained naturally for the first 3 years, plus some extended periods between then and now (21months straight).

I've been clean for the best part of 8 months now and since I'm getting a bit older (nearly 30!) I've been trying to use my head when it comes training.

In the past I've always followed a traditional bodybuilding 4 day split training each bodypart to failure, with a low volume. However, following reading all of Chad Waterbury's articles I now fully extol the virtues of full body workouts to all and sundry. Since most people where I train don't delve to deeply into the science of training I'm getting a bit of a reputation as being weird! Even my mates are ripping the p*ss out of me.

I have been following the Waterbury Method to the letter, exercise for exercise. Also, I now take a weak pro/carb drink to the gym following advice in the Top Ten Nutrition Myths article.

I feel this could be part of the problem!

Apart from the 10x3 day I am nearly sick during every one of the other workouts (not nice!). Now I'm no pussy and have been sick during workouts before, but for it to be happening time and time again is not doing my motivation any favours.

Has anyone else out there had the same problem when starting this type of programme, or when consuming drinks whilst working out?

It might just make me feel better to know that I'm not just going soft!


My pre-workout drink (about 10 min. before going to the gym) only consists of whey protein.

I can't tollerate any carbs pre-workout.

Then my post workout drink is Surge (or glucose and whey if I don't have Surge).

Then I have another carb/protein meal about an hour to 1.5 hours after my post-workout meal.

I'm going back to the Waterbury Method too, and the 10X3 squat day kicks my ass so bad I don't feel like finishing the rest of my workout.

I think you might want to wait a little longer between your pre-workout drink and working out (whey stays in your system for about 3-4 hours anyway), or you might want to use an all protein pre-workout drink (maybe 2 hours after your previous meal, so your post-workout drink is about 3 hours after a regular meal).

Just a thought, plus the WM is a great routine that seems to mix a lot of volume with high intensity.


if 10 x 3 is killing you...you need to lower the weight.

I believe CW said it should leave you feeling invigorated when you complete it.


ditch the during workout drink for a few workouts and see what happens


Thanks for the reply guys.

I am definately going to ditch the drinks on the 4x6 and 3x12 days due to serious nausea!

I'm really beginning to get pissed off with this method and it's only been three weeks! I added 3kgs to my decline bench today and instead of 10x3 I only managed 3x3, 1x2 and then had to drop the weight down so I could manage the rest of the sets/reps. My benching weights have always been doo-doo, but to lose so many reps is a joke.

Also, I'm having trouble sleeping (bing-bong the journey has just reached its destination of overtraining central!!), which I have never had even when training 4 days a week with all of my sets to failure!

I'm going to try and finish the 4 weeks, then swap exercises, or at least their loading parameters and see if I still suffer same problem.

ps I'll probably be back on Thursday to gripe about the 3x12 session. :frowning:


Your best bet is to catch Chad during one of his prime time sessions and see what he recomends.

This program could be easy to overtrain with (I think I'm borderline overtraining with it).

He did recomend to me that I add in one extra off day if it's getting too much for me when I told him about the 10X3 squats kicking my ass.

I did lower the weights a little too, and that did help.

CW does say that it's better to err on the lighter side than the heavier side.


I thought you said you were doing Waterbury Method? 3x12 isn't even used, and each day you do one 10x3 lift, two 4x6 supersets, and another 4x6 lift.


Its almost painfully obvious, its the nutrition drink during the workout thats messing with your stomach. What I recommend to make sure you have energy for the workout is yogurt+Natural PB 90minutes before workout, Half of a serving of your PWO shake 30minutes before workout. Usually I just scoop an extra scoop or two into the PWO shake and just drink some before you head to gym. Then Only water until after the workout PWO shake.

Also if energy seems to be the problem, try a 200mg caffiene pill 30minutes before you goto the gym. Or Spike, if wanna you spend 40 dollars.


Yeah, yeah,
I know I got it wrong, all these programes sound the same to me. It is actually The Art of Waterbury that I'm doing and that's the parameters I listed.

Still can't figure out though how I won't end up going to failure though. If on the 4x6 day I'm using 85% 1RM that would surely be my 6RM and so the chances of getting all 4 sets completed is pretty low, especially when adding 2.5% to the bar each week!

Also, doing some form of pressing 3x weekly isn't doing my elbows any good!

Ho-hum chest and tricep day here I come! (j/k not giving up quite yet!).


Yeah, good thinking I'll try to contact him on prime time. I think one of my problems is that because I started on percentages that were maybe just a tad to high unless I reduce the load I will never get anywhere.

PS. I'm cutting out the drink I have during my workout, just gonna stick with pre and post and post post!



I'm wondering if his CV conditioning isn't an issue as well.

Especially on the 5x10 rep days with minimum rest (like 60 secs) in ABBH 1 it gives you quite a workout.

I'm a rower, which would figure that I have an above average CV capacity, and I'll tell you they are quite challenging. So I can only imagine what it must feel like for guys that don't do endurance type training on a regular basis.


Thanks freejury,
I just think so many things are going on in my head at the moment it's messing with my whole body, new routine, different nutrition, overtraining syndrome, lack of sexual gratification, (oh-er scratch that last one, the wife might read this!)

I am cutting the workout drink out. If it'smaking me feel so bad then I'm sure the benefits aren't gonna be worth it. I don't think energy is a problem, I consume between 450-600 grams of carbs a day, which is plenty for a guy my size.



In one sense I think that you may be right. My CV conditionning is similar to that of a 5 year old girl. I do go through phases of doing HIIT for a few months, mainly for the CV health benefits, but when my fitness improves to a decent level I stop doing it.

Surely, though on a 3x12 day it comes down to lactic acid threshold and anaerobic conditionning, which I presumed would be quite good (obviously a bit wide of the mark here!).

Hmm, It could even be that hex I had put on me by my ex, but that's a different story!



Two things:

  1. If you feel sick, and if you're unable to complete the recommended sets/reps, obviously your load was too high. I suggest you lower the load as far as necessary.

  2. Ditch whatever you're drinking, if it's making you sick. Instead, try a scoop of whey or Grow! at the beginning of your workout.


I have to confirm the sick feeling on 3x12 day, the squats just completely take it out of me. Honestly it isn't the load either. I think it is being out of shape.