Waterbury Full Year Plan

I’m going to be doing the full year of Waterbury plans suggested in “Muscle Revolution” for the Mass and Strength grouping. I’ve never done one of Chad’s routines before, but I’m committed to this. I’ve already made all the spreadsheets and layed out an entire binder for the next year’s worth of workouts.

As these routines are radically different than anything I’ve done in the past does anyone have any suggestions regarding his routines?

My first day was today and I did the first day of anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy and it felt weird doing the 10x3 for BB bench and bent-over rows and leaving the gym. Much less volume than I’m used to. I used the appropriate weight according to the 1RM% suggested and gave it everything I had. I tried to lift the weight as fast as possible while still controlling the neg and keeping good form.

I haven’t had much luck in the muscle building department though and I’m going to follow everything to a T. I will give an update (even though I know no one really cares)every couple of months. Having dropped most of my excess fat (from 285 to 219.4 this morning) since last April, it’s now time to focus on getting big and strong.

Don 't assume no one cares. This site’s full of helpful,friendly people who’d love to help you out and hear how you’re doing. Don’t get discouraged when/if you hit any roadblocks. Have fun and good training.

I’d love to see some consistent updates maybe every 12 weeks or something with how things are going. Many people rag on CW for his methods being so far out from typical 5-day splits and never having pictures of clients who use his programs…so here we go.

I’m currently on a program similar to ABBH (one heavy and one light day for the upper and lower) and am loving it.

What does your “schedule” look like for the coming months? ABBH, Total Body Training, Quattro Dynamo, Art of Waterbury, Waterbury Method, BB’s Next Fronteir?

Good luck with the routines man and train hard.
ABBH is a very rewarding routine.
Be sure to include any PB’s in your lifts.

I will certainly update any significant gains I make. I’ve made all the usual body measurements and recorded all my current max’s.

Lonnie, I’ll be doing the routines in the exact order that Chad listed them under the Strength and Mass heading in the book. So, that’s ABBH first, then SFM, then the Waterbury Method, and so on.

Sweet, I am defiantly interested in your results. Keep us posted…Hey how about some stats to start with so we have something to compare them to. Body and lifting stats.

im on his lose fat keep strength routine atm… im at 10%bf atm hope to go on 9%/8% before i begin the same routine you’re on! will keep a look out for updates.

I am doing day 7 of the ABBH tomorrow. I have the same feeling about the program, it is definely less work than I am used to, But if there is one thing I learn from from my last successful completed program, it is to give a routine a fair time to succeed or fail before making any conclusions. I will finish the program and give you my update if you are interested.

Good luck to you.

I am planning on starting some Waterbury structured programs soon, I have some healing to do before then though. It will be a departure for me because I seldom follow a program. I take methodologies and push them to an extreme. A structure will be different. The one I will skip though, is ABBH. That is unless I hit a lull where I think it will be appropriate, but I certainly won’t start with it.

How your progress? Getting anywhere?

I did ABBH a while ago and I def got some results on it. I think that was because it was so different from what I was doing, I hadn’t done supersets in ages and I’d never really done multiple sets of reps as low as 3 and certainly not 10x3.

So yeah even if you feel that it is a really short gym session, give it a go for the 6wks or whatever it is. You will probably find that you learn stuff from it at the very least and it will set you up nicely for the progs to follow.

Kudos for organising your workouts for a yr in advance…if you manage to stick to them and eat right, I can’t see you not progressing.

Good luck.

I just finished CW’s 10x3 fatloss program ran it for 4 weeks and lost 8lbs did not think it was to much of a routine until i really started watching the time between sets, its hard and you do a lot of heavy heavy breathing but at the end of the day i thought it was a great workout.

Just two more working days left for ABBH and so far so good. Although, I will be looking forward to SFM and a little bit higher volume.Will have a more detailed update after SFM.

Hey man, just dropped in to say good luck and stay strong…dont lose focus or sight of your goal. Many people I meet are determined to get the physique of their dreams BUT lose focus, or get distracted along the way. So, keep it consistent!

Given that you are a FFB, and dropped a hell of alot of weight, I would say you wont have a problem sticking to it!