Waterbury Cycling

many of you may remember me from my last post. forget it ever happened. consider this a new beginning.

i just started a new 9-5 job, mon-sat. my workouts have taken a beating. i come home and am physically tired and mentally tired. two routines that have worked for me are Chad Waterbury’s hybrid hypertrophy (HH) and TBT. they also dont take too long to complete. since my goals are strength AND size, i was wondering if it would be a good idea to cycle through them. they workout great uz they both have me going to the gym only 3x a week. here’s how i would set it up:

4 weeks HH, 1 week de-load, 4 weeks TBT, 1 week de-load, cycle repeats.

during the de-load, i just plan on not training as hard.

any opinions?

I personally wouldnt de-load every 4 weeks from a 3x a week split… JMO.

Depends on your current fitness and ability.

But all in all i dont see any reason why you couldnt do that.

(i actually decided just today that i am not keen on CW writings, sorry mate! hijack over)


its alright. i just find that total body workouts work great for me (plus, b/c of my job, they seem to fit my schedule better).

BTW, what was that hijack comment about?

or how about this:

i train 8 weeks straight: 4weeks HH then immediately after, do 4 weeks of TBT, THEN have my de-load week.

i know soreness isnt necessary for growth, but after a de-loading week, when i go back to training, i get sore again! its amazing!

Yeah…! i know…

Ya - i prefer this. Now, what are you doing still here? GET TO THE GYM!


YOu may want to post this on Chad’s locker room, dude…as you have discussed what is now a 4-letter word on the bodybuilding forum.
The population here has been polarized into “groupies of said author” and “groupies of influential members who are not fans of said author”.

Ive never used Chad’s programs myself but if you eat right and make progress with the load/reps you will make progress from a muscular point of view. There are quite afew members here whove founf success with Waterbury’s work, Iammarquos, rainjack,larryjr, etc. Get in touch with them.