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Waterbury Challenge 2011



Today is the start of the 2011 Waterbury Challenge. It's a simple body weight workout where the reps of each exercise coincide with the number of days into the new year. The workout consists of the body weight pull-up, push-up, and lunge.

Since we're five days into the new year, you'll do 5 reps of each exercise. It'll literally take you one minute to complete the circuit.

Importantly, this simple circuit should be ADDED to your current program. Don't change what you're currently doing.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Tomorrow (the sixth day of the new year) you'll do 6 reps of each exercise. On Friday you'll do 7 reps of each. On January 31 - 31 days into the new year - you'll do 31 reps of each exercise. It doesn't matter how many sets it takes, just get the reps done in a day.

The goal is to continue adding a rep each day until July 1, the halfway point of the year. On that day you'll do 182 reps of the pull-up, push-up, and lunge (182 reps with each leg). Think you can make it?

On July 1, whoever completes 182 reps of each exercise (as shown by video) in the shortest time gets $500 dropped into his Paypal account that day.

If you want more details, stop by my website.

Overtraining be damned.

Chad Waterbury


I'm confused.... why is this in the bodybuilding forum and not conditioning?


Prof. X,

Perhaps this thread should take a one way trip to the conditioning forum?

1000 pushups in 17ish min. looking JACKED!!!!!!


I would do this for shits and giggles if I had a pull-up bar.


I wanna be like that guy.


Well, I don't know... it's a difficult decision.


i can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see where this thread is.




Why didn't the challenge start on January 1st instead of a random day in the 2nd week of January?


Shit, that was our daily morning training in the army.

...But we had to do it 5-6 times in a row, and with the drill sergeants kicking us in the gut at every push-up.

...The good old days...


Duh! 'Cuz adding one rep of each exercise is just silly! -lol



Because Chad JUST got out of bed since New Year's Eve.

Bad hangover.


Anyone thinking about doing 1 rep of each and then doing some cool video editing?



It didn't look like that guy broke the horizontal plane once. Clearly he's missing the hypertrophy zone!


....severely disappointed, lol. this won't get anywhere in the Conditioning forum.


hahahaha I thought the exact same thing. i am disappointment


shittiest pushups ever


GAL is a much better location for this thread.


I couldnt disagree more


Those were the most half assed pushups I've ever seen.