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Waterbury Book?


I was just going to buy a T-Nation shirt but i wanted to make my order worthwhile and get something else and i remebered that CW was working on a book.

When is it expected to be released?

I would of posted in the author's room but i figured many people could answer my question. :slight_smile:


All I keep hearing is that it's comming out "soon". From what Chad said (a while back), I think it's out of his hands right now.


I dont think it will be for a bit, Early next year maybe. Thats the image I got at the Staley seminar at least


Thanks guys, maybe i should order CT's book but i never really looked over his stuff. Waterbury hooked me first :smiley:

Does CT's book come in hard copy?


I personally don't have it (yet), but that was asked before and it is a hard copy.

I have read a bunch of CT's articles and I place him as high as I place Chad as far as knowing his stuff and being an all around great strength coach.

I'm definitly going to get both books (Chad's when it comes out, and CT's when I get more money).

I've also seen quite a few good reviews from other T-Nation guys about CT's book.


Id say yes, and I have just finished Staleys new one it was great as well puts all the methods of his madness into clear detail.


yah i suggest CT's book its definitly worth it


I REALLY need to get some money together for these books. Anyone know if they're on amazon.com?


Try the T-Nation Store. It's in the left hand corner.