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Waterbury AMRAP Questions


I am new to T-Nation - at least to the forums but I used the experts here as a resource and for guidance.

I am new to using Chad's AMRAP workout...with the premise being one compound upper body press excercise, one upper body pull and one lower body compound excercise (ostensibly squats and deads) - performed 3X a week with excercise variety.

Workout structure/excercise selection is not a problem...however knowing when to up the weight is.

The direction is to use a weight that you can get 6 clean, pre-failure reps up and use that weight until you AMRAP to 24 reps. The question I have is when do you change the weight? Do you wait until you can get 4X6 at the same weight? Or should you move up if you have 2 clean 6 rep set and then can get 5 and 4 and 4 for example.

Should you focus on never going to failure as best you can? Pullups are a difficult thing for AMRAP because I can do the first set of 6 easily but tail off to 3 in final sets to get to 24 - I know I can add weight for that first set...just not sure when to add weight and looking for help.

I am committed to doing this workout for 8 weeks...then moving to his 10X3...and varying rep schemes but want to make sure I do it correctly.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide...thanks for reading.


Working up to 4x6 with the weight with solid reps (good not failure reps) would be a good place to increase the weight next workout. Ideally You'd get there rather quickly btw sessions.

For pull ups I'd just focus on bringing up your other sets until 24.

You may get some Waterbury bashing from others. But it's not the worst program and probably beneficial for many beginners and intermediates.


Thanks...I appreciate your perspective...I am in intermediate coming off a layoff and thought it would work for me...I can take the bashing but really appreciate you taking the time...very helpful.