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Waterbury After Bill Starr 5x5 Program?

I just did 7 weeks of a Bill Starr program. I was able to add weight to the bar steadily for weeks 1-6, and now on week 7 I lost 1 rep on both overhead pressing and incline pressing. Monday was flat bench (heavy), Wednesday overhead (light), and Friday incline (medium). Note that this program followed the protocol where you add weight to the bar for each set, essentially warming up to a 5RM.

Maybe I’m just having a bad week, but I’m choosing to interpret the result as a sign that it is time to rotate to another program for at least 4 weeks.

I was thinking I’d enjoy something along the lines of the “Waterbury Method”, but my fear is that perhaps moving from one low rep total body routine to another is not going to be the best thing for pulling me out of a slump.

Suggestions? WM? One of the other CW routines? Something more high rep for a while?


P.S. In the TBT discussion, I pondered what would happen if one pit some “classic” approaches of TBT against each other and Chad’s. Six weeks and then a feeling of diminishing returns with the Starr approach is sort of my first datapoint in a experiment to try a few of them now and again and see what happens. Not too scientific, but still part of the lifelong journey of learning what works best for me.

Sounds like you need a week off. Try it and see what happens, I just took one and all of my lifts went UP when I came back.


Yep, your “Big 3” results from Starr’s program is pretty typical. Although, most of the trainees I’ve encountered began to lose progress around week 4.

My suggestion is to perform the TBT for 6 weeks, followed by the WM.

Thanks, Chad, I appreciate the feedback.