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Waterbury Above All?

I was reading the second Velocity Diet Support Group thread the other day and saw a quote from Shugart which said that he felt that Chad Waterbury’s programs had the most to offer or something along those lines. That was just the most recent quote (and the one I gave the most credit as it came from one of T-Nation’s resident experts) in a long line listing CW’s programs as the finest here in T-Nation. I am a Waterbury believer myself; I’m in the midst of the Waterbury Method right now. With my allegiance to Chad, and the following of his programs that seems so widespread, I was wondering if there is really reason for this seeming bias toward him.

I am relatively new to T-Nation and I haven’t tried any programs of the other great coaches here. So, I am looking to those of you who have to tell me if there is a leaning toward CW or if I have just been misled. And finally, if there is such a leaning, is it for good reason? Are Waterbury’s programs really the best that T-Nation has to offer? Your thoughts are much appreciated.

CW is AWESOME. Well his programs are I have yet to meet him in person but from my dealings he as well is a stand up guy.

Now above all the coaches i would not go that far I hold all of the coaches here in high regaurd. The are all at the top IMO.

I have done and Love many of CW’s programs they are a nioce change that is why I think the insugence of late and popularity. Its the new thing. Different rep schemes. In and out brief and frequent.

I am currently however taking a break from his programs and doing EDT and loving it.

I have alos done stuff by CT, etc… Loved them as well. They all have there place and are goal specific. NONE IMO should be over looked and should all be used and rotated to and as you find what works for you.

EVEN dare I say it mixed. This however aftre you do the programs for what they are and see how yoiu react.

Just my take,

Thanks for the input Phill. I’m sorry if I came off sounding as if I thought that CW was better than all the other coaches. I just meant to say that it was an observation I had made that his programs seemed more popular and I was wondering what people (such as yourself) with experience using other coaches programs thought about the merit of my observation. Also, I thought it was interesting what you had to say about his innovative parameters and shorter workouts contributing to his popularity of late. Thanks again.

Agree with Phill. I’ve loved Waterbury’s programs. But the training advice from the other coaches in Prime Time is too good to miss. I haven’t done T-Nation programs yet other than Waterbury’s, but I’ll be doing EDT for fat loss the month of August. And planning to do one of CT’s programs for my next bulk. Looking forward to it!

His workouts are nice and simple.

But Dave Tate is extremely credible.

And Joe DeFranco posts extremely tangible results on his site.

And Dan John keeps it real.

I’ve used programs from a variety of the coaches on this site (Ian King, Charles Poliquin, Charles Staley, CT, etc.). However, I’ve made my best gains with CW’s stuff.

For me, his methods have worked better than the others. This isn’t to say that the other coaches aren’t good or don’t know what they are talking about. I enjoy reading what they have to offer and still incorporate many things they recommend. And if I trained under them, I’m sure they would tailor a program that would work great for me.

But I respond well to CW’s recommendations. I have learned what works best for me over the past 10 years, most of which were ups and downs and constant screw ups and learning.

CW’s methods do work for many, but I still find all the other coaches information just as valuable.