Waterbury 6x/ week

What would be the best program to pair this training protocol with?

Would it be compatible with the VOS program?

If I used this protocol with a large body part like back would I need to cut back the rest of my training to maintenance levels?

Here’s my planned back (vertical pull) routine.

Pull-up (pronated) 5/3
Pull-down (supinated)2/20
Pull-up (semi-supinated)3/3
Pull-down (pronated)2/12
Chin-up 3/5
Pull-down (semi-supinated)2/25

What do you think?

I am curious as to how you have chosen your set/rep scheme?

Zeb, I just took the same rep/set scheme prescribed in this week’s issue of Branding Iron.

I just replaced the example exercise, which was triceps with lats and picked my own exercises.

Tom hand,

You can’t perform 6x/week training while lifting in the same plane. You’d burnout in the first week. You must alternate each day with a different plane.

For all other body parts, perform 4 x 6