Waterbury 10x3 vs GreySkull LP (Or Mixing Both?)

Hi everyone,

I was recently going over different strength programs, and I would consider myself a beginner (I still cant bench 1.5x my body weight etc) but I have been doing All Pro’s for 3 cycles, and really am not a fan of the high reps workouts (squating 2x12 with less weight feels worse than squating 5x5 with heavier weight). In conjunction with my bulking, the progression is/feels slow. I am not trying to body build, but rather trying to build strength, muscle, and stay lean.

Following from above, I was recently looking to switch up my routine, and have boiled it down to either the Waterbury Method 10x3 (or any Waterbury routine for that matter) or Phraks GreySkull LP.

Question 1) is there a recommended workout routine between these two?
Question 2) is there anyway of incorporating both workouts i.e., 10x3 into Greyskull?