Waterbury 10/10 Question

Started this program…its great by the way. Im a little confused as I approach phase 2.

It says to do circuits:

For example:
1A Chin-up or lat pulldown
1B Front squat
2A Dumbbell Romanian deadlift
2B Dip or decline dumbbell bench press

My question is: in what order do I complete these? 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, Repeat 5 more times or 1A,2A, 1B, 2B Repeat 5 times…or is it 1A,1B Repeat 5 times, then 2A,2B, Repeat 5 times…

I used to do WSFSB so Im not really familiar with the numbers/letters combo…=)

The answer is #3.

Do 1A, 1B then repeat 5 times.

Next do 2A, 2B then repeat 5 times.

Good luck, I can’t wait for phase 2, the circuits are tough, but I prefer the heavier supersets.

Got it. Thanks.