Waterbeds & Aching Back

Anyone have any back issues with waterbeds.
The “Aching Back” article by Lori Gross states that a waterbed is the only mattress she does not recommend.
I wake up every morning (in a waterbed) with a back ache. It goes away pretty quick. Maybe I’ll do some experimentation and spend a few nights on the spare room futon.
Anyone have any related experiences?
Could this be messing up my back?

I used to have back problems some time ago. Had a very worn out mattress - changed that got a thick mattress cover and that was even better. Then I managed to pick up a waterbed from a friend last year and still havent had back problems. It may be because I filled mine very full. He was tired of his and the way it felt but decided to try again with one he got from my uncle and filled it up as well as I did and thought it was great. Just my 2 cents - maybe you need to put more water in to firm it up.

I had to left my waterbed at my folks’ house when I went to college. My back problems disappeared at that point. I won’t consider owning one ever again.

I had the same trouble, lower back would ache every morning. My wife & I were sleeping on a ‘good’ waterbed with the baffles inside the mattress & all that stuff. We bought a new bed with a firm mattress and it was like I got a new spine too. I recommend Simmons brand, they are the firmest I have found. (They have the bowling ball commercial.) I wouldn’t expect to see much difference with a futon, I have slept on a couple and think I would prefer the waterbed to that. HTH, Brian Mc

I had a water bed an dvery bad back pain. Tried a chiropractor no help. Switched to the firmest bed I could stand with a thick pillow top and my back has been great! I also sleep on a tempur orthopedic pillow that positions your neck in the right position and allow sther spine to relax. The pillow alone is worth the 70.00 I spent on it! (try sharper image or one of those stores if interested)

Good luck