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Any body have a idea how many ozs. of water I should shoot for each day? Maybe a simple formula (bw/X?

drink in oz’s half your weight in pounds. EX: I weigh 200 lb, I should drink 100 oz.

Here is a good formula: 1-2 gallons a day, everyday. I started doing this and I feel great. So much of feeling shitty seems to come from dehydration, plus water is refreshing.

It depends on what kind of activity you’ll be involved in, I typically shoot for at least a gallon, and then add on for any water lost during exercise.

that is a pretty good forumla I just drink a bunch of water all day long 1-1.5 gallons

When I was involved in endurance activities, the rule of thumb was to drink until you pee clear (no discernable color), then keep that amount. Tends to help with those days that are particularly hot/humid, longer endurance sessions, etc.

Me and the boys at school went throught this phase in the spring where we drank as much as we could. Sometimes as much as 4 gallons a day! We pissed every 15-30 minutes. While that might be overkill, it was around this time I gained about 26 lbs of lean mass. Not sure the two are related and I wasn’t retaining water either. Water can increase protein synthesis if I remember correctly from the protein rountable. I shoot for at least 4 liters a day (I’m Canadian). I think that converts to a little more than a gallon. As long as you pee clear you’re good. I don’t think you can ever have too much.

Actually there is such a thing as TOO much, but it is usually coupled with other imbalances. I think it’s called “hyponatremia”. Basically translates to low salt levels. Usually not a problem with general diets, but it does happen occassionally.

Actually, you CAN drink too much water. I read an article in a news rag a while back about “water addiction”. Apparently some numbnuts figured out that if you drink enough water you deplete your sodium levels to the point where you start to feel high as a kite. I’m not sure how this would apply to us, given that we tend to eat more than the average person, but it’s apparently pretty dangerous. The treatment clinics for this condition actually have specially designed toilets that prevent you from drinking from the resevoir. Strange, but possibly true.

Okay, I admit it, I drink from toilets…Urinals…anything!lol. You are the first person to mention something like that to me. I was never high as a kite though. I feel a little ripped off! Seriously though, I have never heard you can drink too much water. Interseting. Peace, your grey haired comrad.

Can someone tell me how many litres = 1 gallon. I work on the piss clear thing as well and certainly take notice first thing in the am, a real key to any dehydration. The problem I have is that I may as well put my desk in the loo, as I seem to be there so often. A few people actually die from to much water esp. in marathons etc. That is one of the things they check for in some of the ultra indurance events at weigh in stations, if too much variance over starting weight due to dehydration or too much water then thats the end of it.

I just read an interesting article on some deaths being caused by overhydration. Apparently, if you are forcing yourself to drink tons of water, take a little salt with it. Here’s the article: http://www.lifelinenet.com/?mod=icds/ICDS221/output/a/scripps.health.ft/20010802/3b69d1f7.26eb.86/index.cfm