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Alright, I know there are a few posts on here already discussing how much water should be drunk, and it seems that the general concesus is half your body weight in ounces.

But the thing is, that I am at the extreme on the amount of water I drink. Over the course of a day working our or not I tend to drink around 12 litres of water or 3 gallons. From reading these other posts it would seem like I am drinking too much, but when I dont I feel like shit.

Is there really any reason I should drink any less water then I do? and yes there are days when I will drink even more upwards of 4 gallons. Any help or advice on this would be a great help.


its free and the most important part of your training and nutrition so why drink less? so long as you have enough spare time to work, eat and train between running to the bathroom to pee I dont think theres any problem. ..


I presume at some point you've talked to a doctor and made sure there was nothing going on?

Once you've got that out of the way, then you can just do whatever it is that you do... :wink:


If you are drinking that much water, and working out, just make sure that you are getting enough sodium in your diet (but not too much).

If you are feeling alright this may not be a concern, but just something to consider.


People have died from drinking too much water. However, I'm not sure how much that would take, I would assume a lot, probably more than you're doing, but you seem to be overdoing it some.

By drinking too much water we can tend to eliminate a lot of the water-soluble vitamins (Bs for example), and electrolytes as well.

In short, if you've drinking this much for a while then there's probably nothing to worry about.


On the other hand, you might be driven to drink a lot because you have a lot of salt in your diet.

Excessive thirst is also a symptom of certain diseases, like type 11 diabetes.


I'm glad this post is up... I have the same problem...I drink an ungodly amount of water.. I can't go anywhere without water...I wake up and have three 30 oz glasses full of water and anything I drink that's not water I have water as a chaser right after it.

I love it though...I don't knwo what I'd do without water! I can't understand people who drink so much soda and no water...ugghh! now thats bad! I've heard that people die from too much water but I dont knwoo how I mean our bodies are made up of about 75% water so we need to be replinishing it regularly and it acts a s a solvent for our bodies...


Read my reply above as to why too much water.

Found this on google.
"The kidneys of a healthy adult can process fifteen liters of water a day! " And it goes on to say, it's more about if you consume too much at once that can lead to problems, rather than over the course of a day.

I'm the same way though, if I go somewhere without a water bottle, it sucks.


The dead from too much water thing is getting blown out of proportion. It can happen, but you have to drink a ton of water in a relatively short amount of time.

The teacher in my physiology class I took anecdotally mentioned that some parents "punished" their kid by making her drink an ungodly amount of water and it killed her. The kid was very young and I think they made her drink like 2 gallons in an hour... It just dilutes the blood too much to be effective. 3 gallons in a day, while still pretty high, is not nearly enough to dilute the blood to a killing point, especially if your peeing frequently enough.