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I'm looking for ways to make myself drink more water. I need new ideas of things I can add to my water to make it taste better.
Some of the ways I drink it now are: add a few cucumber slices and let sit for a bit with ice or put a few drops of pineapple extract or lemon juice for a little added flavor.
I also drink quite a bit of Crystal Light. But I'm still looking for more ideas.


Beer bong it.


Just drink it cold or put a lime in it. It's just water, not clam juice. Come on people! Look up an article called Superhydration by Darden.




Try getting a Camelbak. You could maybe use it instead of a purse. Matter of fact the Army issues a cheap knock off version.


Get a Brita or PUR pitcher if you don't already have one (a sink attachment is even better) and a water bottle. Forget the flavoring stuff. Just discipline yourself to drink water instead of something sweet. You'll get used to it in no time. If you want to change things up, a cucumber slice or a wedge of lemon or lime does the trick.


Water drinking will become second nature only if you can get over that initial hump where you are not thirsty enough to get much down.

Your body adapts to whatever amount of water you give it. Your body needs fresh water to perform all sorts of functions each day. If your body is anticipating getting only a small amount of water, it will reuse that supply over and over as many times as necessary before letting it go. That is why your urine is darker when you are not getting enough, it is basically dirtier. Your body just adapts though, it doesn't send you thirst signals unless you drop below your normal intake.

On the other hand, if your body knows it is going to get 12 cups of water each day, it will use the water once and then let it go because it is anticipating a constant supply of fresh water. Once you get your body used to that type of intake, it will trigger thirst if you drop the intake back. Drinking more water actually makes you thirstier. Once you are at this point, drinking water will not be a chore, you will feel as though you would die of thirst without it and making sure you have water with you at all times will become second nature.


Unsweetned cocoa powder + pinch stevia. It is even good for you.

I used to hate water, now it is all I drink.


On what JPBear said, I definitely agree with the part about your body anticipating x-amount of water after you drink a lot.

I work in landscaping right now and in an 8 hour workday I drink anywhere between 3/4 of a gallon and one gallon (depending on how hot it is) and I've noticed that the other guys at work who aren't as health conscious are able to go through a full day drinking a 1 liter bottle of Mountain Dew. I can't believe this as I get thirsty after not having something to drink for 20 minutes.

One thing that works for me to help water taste better (not that I don't mind the taste of plain water) is a product by Alacer called Electro-Mix. Its a combination of different electrolytes that taste somewhat lemon-lime and that will help you get more from your water than just superhydration. The label says to add 1 packet to 1 liter of water but when I do that it tastes bitter, add it to 1 gallon and it'll taste better.


Get a wide-mouthed Nalgene bottle. It's very interesting how much easier it is to drink a lot of water when you have a wide-mouthed container that holds a lot of water.


You could also try drinking a beverage that makes you thirsty, like Gatorade. Then you will drink more water.


Thanks for the replies. I really have been trying to force myself to like water. Living in a small town in Montana, the water tastes decent, not like the shit you get from the faucets in big cities, but I still get bored with it.

I have about 4 Nalgenes already, and you're right, it is easier to drink from them than smaller bottles.
At work I have begun to play a mind game with myself (because I have a weak bladder it works). I don't let myself go pee until I have consumed at least 1/2 of my Nalgene. So every other time I go pee, I fill up again. But when the bank is busy, I don't drink as much water because I know that means I'll have to make time to pee....does that ever go away?

People always say that once you get used to drinking a lot of water, you won't have to pee as much anymore, but thats not working for me. I drink 4- 32oz Nalgenes at work everyday, but I seriously pee every hour on the hour. It sucks!


Every hour is nothing. Sometimes at work I'll go twice every hour..... but maybe thats because my job sucks and I like to get away from it as much as possible.

Either way, I drink a lot and pee A LOT.


4 x 32oz bottles? I make that to be over 3.5 Litres.

And you are sitting in a bank all day which I presume is air conditioned?

Why would you want to drink that much water? That sounds way over the top to me. I thought the general consensus here at T-Nation was that drinking a whole lot of water was bad for you, as it stripped you body of minerals and electrolytes and stressed you kidneys.

32oz of water would be a lot for me to drink in one day and I walk around the city and train at the gym.

This is the first hit on google:

?As soon as a few ounces of extra water are consumed, a master hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (the name derives from the hormone's capacity to stimulate the kidney to retain water) falls to undetectable levels and allows the kidney to excrete, in a matter of minutes, all of the surplus water ingested.?

?A young woman toting around her bottle of water can only retain a few extra ounces in her body no matter how quickly she drinks it. Moreover, the amount she can retain is truly only a drop in the bucket. The svelte 5'9" woman who weighs, say 125 lbs., has about 75 lbs. of water (about 35 quarts) in her body. The extra water retained in a few sips hardly increases the body's content of water and even then, the excess is rapidly eliminated in the urine. Therefore there is no possibility that consumed water can make a sustained difference in anything but how often she needs to find a ladies room.?


Is this the consensus? I hadn't heard that before. My non-pregnant weight is 128lbs and I have drank three liters a day for years. How much water should I be drinking in your opinion? Also, wouldn't the type of water make a difference? There is a difference between distilled water, reverse osmosis water, mineral water, hard tap water and soft tap water.


One liter of water is only half of the 8-8 oz. glasses recommended. At the very least, a person should drink 64 oz, or two nalgene sized bottles. I think the consensus is 1 gallon, or 4 nalgenes.



If anyone's still looking for taste ideas, Lipton makes an insant green tea sweetened a bit with Splenda that's awesome. Good taste, no calories, antioxidant goodness!


According to John Berardi, the minimum amount you need per day is half your bodyweight in ounces. This is for normal functioning. Add in loss of water through sweat and exercise, and your needs increase quite a bit.

I use a 50oz bottle during work (and at home). I drink 2-3 during work hours and more throughout the day and evening from protein shakes, exercise, etc. I probably get more than I "need" but water does so many wonderful things for the body, that I don't have a problem consuming more than what some may think is enough. And yes, I urinate quite often...usually 2-4 times per 50oz.


Why not lime what does lime do to the water? Thanks


I don't know... I'm kinda going to go contrarian on this one a bit.

There are so many people in so many places saying we have to drink tons of water, that when we get thirsty it is too late, and so on.

Sometimes I wonder how people survived prior to the attachment of their face to a faucet.

Sure, you can ignore your body and endanger yourself, but I imagine your body knows when to alert you to hunger and thirst. I haven't see many people drop dead of hunger or dehydration during my lifetime.

That said, I still go through a lot of water, especially after a trip to the sweat fest known as the gym.