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First off Id like to say that I drink anywhere from 12-16 large glasses of water a day, most of the time im not even thirsty, I just chug it down; it doesnt bother me though.
I am wondering, what exactly does water do besides hydrate you? Does it help lose weight or anything else?
Should I keep up with my water drinking or save the $10 from buying a culligan bottle every 3 days…?
Thanks for the info.

Read some of Berardi’s stuff on how dehydration will affect athletic performance. That is enough of a reason to drink water right there. When you are dehydrated your body becomes more catabolic. Also, water shuttles all your macronutrients that you eat to your muscle cells.

Yes but is it necessary to be chugging down 16 glasses a day? Im pretty sure I will be hydrated with around 6 glasses per day, but I will stick to 16 if it has any other benefits…

come on I know someone has something else to tell me. please anything

High levels of protein create a higher level of need for water.
Training on it’s own will cause higher PH levels, adding more protien will push the acidity even higher. So adding chlorophyll drops to water will help balance the body PH.

Water is a key component in the bodies ability to break down fat.

This causes a release of toxins, as they are stored in fat cells.

Water would help flush these free radicals out of the body faster.

I personally carry a 4L to the gym and drink most of it while there.
If I find I start to lose strength, or endurance (say on the tread mill) I stop and drink as much water as I can.

I feel refreshed instantly.

I alternate this with a smaller bottle that I combine Hydro. Whey + Gluco.poly + Recovery (vit and min)+ some Bilberry (OPC) to keep from striping my body of minerals ect.

Oh and before I go to the gym I have a shot of liquid Iron (a must for me)

I think some would find this excessive, but it make such a difference to the amount of water I retain, my skin, the quality of my work outs, and my ability to burn or lose fat mass faster.

Also our body is funny, when dehydrated it can trick us in to thinking we are hungry (carbs) so as to retain the water it thinks it wont get. For every gram of carb (bread, ect) I think there is an equal or set amount of water that we retain.

I don’t know if that helps but on a guess we don’t drink enough water, 8 should be the minimum.

To read:
8 should not be the minimum

I’ve heard it recommended that you should be drinking half your bodyweight in ounces at a minimum.

This is the new agers sort of stuff. personally, I do it and it really makes a difference in how you feel.

For the first month, you’ll running to the toilet every hour or so, but after that, you get back to normal.

Water is involved in maintaining intra- and extracellular concentrations of ions. Proper concentrations of these ions allow for appropriate, accurate, timely, efficient cellular responses. (For example, maintaining proper K+ and Na+ concentrations allow for proper neuronal firing).

This is in fact the reason you die of dehydration. Ions such as Ca2+ are especially toxic at high concentrations. Thus, as we get seriously dehydrated, the Ca2+ concentration increases, leading to a whole host of cellular responses that can ultimately lead to apoptosis (cell death) and eventually death of the host (YOU).

Till what hour do you guys drink water in order to avoid running to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

I’m working my way up too 8 glasses a day, and I think that’s more than enough. Hopefully it won’t be long before I have to stop going to the bathroom 20 times a day.


Now I have no problem drinking my fare share of water, but how much os too much? I can only estimate that I drink at least 2 gallons a day, and judging by the fact that some nights I get up at least four times during the night to use the restroom, I might say more. Could this be too much?

I take a swig after every set. I learned something from when I hay.
Take a gallon milk jug, fill it almost up with water, then freeze it. In the morning fill up th eextra space with water. Gives you ice water till noon in the summer, then you just get a new jug.

Water is good. You should drink enough of it.

Buy yourself a Brita, and give up on drinking anything else. I no longer drink Pop, Ice Tea, or any diet drinks just water. Oh and two cups of coffee every morning.

I recall reading (I think it was by Mercola) that drinking water has to be done throughout the day. It does no good to gulp down 1 gallon in the morning and then consider yourself hydrated for the day.


I usually attempt to drink about .5 L water per hour until the hour before I am about to sleep. During training, I try to drink over 1 L water per hour. These guidelines have worked well for keeping me hydrated, but this is just what has worked for me.

I don’t think being hydrated to the point it disturbs your sleep is all that beneficial. For me if I stop drinking water at 6-7 PM I don’t have to get up more than once at night.

Ensure you are not leeching all your water soluable vitamins away by supplementing your diet with adequate amounts of vitamin rich foods. Supplements may have their advantages in some instances.

Quick question: Why, over time, do you stop going to bathroom as often? What suddenly happens to the water?


To Zulu:

That never happened to me. I still piss over 15 times a day.

I think I read somewhere on Mercola that the body adapts to an increase in water consumption by not having to constantly go to the bathroom. I still seem to piss all the time as well, but I think this could also be related to an increase in metabolism/protein turnover. For instance, after a very hard day climbing, I notice that I tend to swell up and hold water, only to get up in the middle of the night 5 times or so. Maybe what I am trying to say is that people with more active metabolisms will urinate more often when hydrated.