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So what’s the real deal on drinking water? I’m not sure drinking more does anything but make the folks at Poland Spring rich. There’s the issue that we are made up of it and it cleans us out. Is there any research that supports any positive claims beyond dehydration?

I don’t know, but keeping water intake up
does seem to help with fat loss if nothing else. There’s no reason to buy the bottled stuff though. If the tap water is not good, then filters are not expensive.

One of my instructors at culinary school lost 60 lbs by simply upping his water intake. It could be because it filled him up and kept him from eating. I feel better when I stay hydrated.

Cell hydration is absolutly essential for anabolic processes to occur within skeletal muscle.

I know when I drink alot of water my muscles look and feel fuller. When I don’t drink enough water they look and feel flat.

One of the first things I do when beginning a Pre-Contest cycle is up my water intake. As I drop the amount of fat in my food intake, water helps keep my skin “healthy” as well as keeps those damn cravings at bay. Plus it does help in the battle of the bulge. At least by what I’ve seen with me.

Not to mention that if you get used to drinking water you save a lot of money…

If you don’t like making Poland Spring rich, then buy some stock in the company so you’re an equity holder.

Anyways, drinking a ton of water makes me feel infinitely better. It makes me clear-headed, more energetic, and less prone to eat junk.

it’s weird… every since i’ve been having good, noticable results with my diet, the more important water seems to be to… i don’t know…look good…when i was “fat”, i could see the blue veins in my forearm, barely, and not sticking out. now, duuring the day, i still can’t see those veins very good, but when i drink a 44oz glass of water, after awhile, those veins pop back out. i know it might sound stupid, but the importance of water giving you a hardening effect, by continuously feeding your body with adequate water, and sometimes more water than what you need, it seems that the body doesn’t want to hold water. it’s weird on how fast that works for me.

2-3 Gallons a day, baby.

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Is it possible to drink too much water?

Water is important because it is the basis for a hydrolosis chemical reaction (monomer-monomer + water ----> monomer-H + HO-monomer) which basicly breakes up large molecules, like fat, in your body. Without water you can’t metabolize fat.

Not that I know of.

Use a tap