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water weight

I was wondering if anyone knows of a safe and effective way to shed excess water weight?

Drink more water.

The first writer is absolutely correct. The more water you drink, the less you retain. Make water your main staple every time you reach for something reach for water. Also, a good thermogenic will help. Also, eat clean small meals, six times a day like clockwork. Try grapefruit, green tea and other natural thermogenics. Throw away the salt shaker, permanently. In fact, I think I’ll take my own advice this week and shed some bloat and excess water. Nick

Yep, before fights I always cut out salt ALMOST completely and within four days I cut out about 3-4 lbs. and boy do I look ripped. Then after weigh in I eat a nice buffet type meal and boom, I look smooth and not ripped. I also notice that if for a day I eat meals high in sodium the next day I look a lot less leaner and more bloated.

Anyone have some good diuretics to use (natural or otherwise) and how much you can expect to lose using them? I know of caffeine and dandelion but would appreciate any other info. I cut about 10 lbs with a 24 hour wait in between weigh-in and fight time.

Ive used dandelion w/iced tea before to help out with water weight and it worked great. I have also heard of “uva ursi” I believe.

what methods or plans do you use when cutting that much water weight before fights. Ten pounds? is it easy? do you feel ok? wow, if I can do that then I would have to worry a lot less going into fights!

I’ve never cut more than 7-8 pounds before but it was for a tournament’s on the same day. Normally I take some caffeine and effedrine throw on runnning shoes, a garbage bag over the t-shirt and under the sweats, run for a while at a fairly high intensity and then hit the sauna. The first 5 lbs come off like nothing and I generally feel pretty decent. I have friends who cut 15 lbs + with this method but they get pretty cranky. IMO cutting that much through sweat is too much for optimum performance.

With my next fight having weigh-ins a day before I’m going to drop an extra weight class (and lose some fat which I’m currently doing) and give diurectis a shot. I figure the less hard work I need to do a day before the fight the better off I’ll be when fight time comes.