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Water + Salt

Hey all,
I feel like in general i hold a great deal of water.
It will fluctuate, but overall…rather blurry.

I drink a LOT of water in a day. Most of my carbs are fairly high fiber and i wonder if that is contributing to it.

I’d rather not take a diuretic.

Any advice on keeping water levels consistently low? (Not prepping for a contest or getting it down for one day. I know the whole salt+water overload and depletion technique. )

Also salt. Do most of you keep it low throughout the day? If you do take more is it a certain time of day or time in relation to your workout, and what is the effect?

Thanks all.

Personally, i use no salt in all my meals, keep my carbs moderate and drink a shit load of water and i have no water retention problems. This helps me always look my best. The only time i use regular salt is in my post-training whole food meal. This REALLY fills me up - better than creatine! No lie!

If u have water retention problems, here’s a checklist: Does the water u drink have too much sodium in it? Does the food u eat have any “hidden” sodium? Are u using any supp’s that cause water retention? Are you eating too many carbs in one meal?(A too high insulin spike causes water retention) Are u possibly not taking in enough sodium?

I am a salt FREAK. I think it effects people More whe nthey are NOT used to it. If someone doesnt use sal and then all the sudden does the water can be a large effect.

Personally I wouldnt short my self on it as long as getting your other electrolytes and I have seen no negative effect in the amount I take in BP is great etc…

Drink apple cider vinegar/take the tablets ! It helped me shed water weight back a few years ago when i was trying to stay as cut as possible (omg stupid me) Or you could take a diuretic !! hehe =P