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Water Retention???

Ok so i’ve been dieting hard for 4 weeks, using an ECAY stack and training hard with about 4 sessions of HIIT in the mornings. Now i’ve dropped from 11% to 9% bodyfat :smiley:
i can see my upper abs but i still have a wobbly layer under my belly button. I was wondering at 9% is this still stubborn fat (i was a fat kid and i’ve been slim now, training hard for the past 4-5 years)
After trying everything nothing seems to work and in those long hard years i’ve always ate clean so im wondering is that really stubborn fat i mean if it is will it ever go?
or could it be water retention and if it’s water retention what’s the best way to get rid of it?
Any thing i should be eating/shouldn’t be eating?
I train with lots of layers on to get a good sweat on too


I have the same problme

uper abs buldge (muscle )
lower belly sticks out

very frustrated