Water Retention?

Need help figuring out what is going on. I have been eating in a surplus for a few months. I was having trouble breaking 180 lbs and decided to cut calories for a while to give my digestion a break. I went from eating 4000 calories to 3600 and was holding at about 179 lbs, for the past week I have not broken 3200 calories and my weigh-ins for the last 4 days has been 184, 182.5, 183, 182.6.

What is going on?

  • I not only track all my food but, I eat the same things everyday, varying small things like blueberries for bananas in oatmeal.

  • The only other thing is that I was running low on salt so was using less. I bought more and am salting as usual.

This might sound stupid.

I know a guy who maintains his weight by not eating for around 24 hours every week. He also told me he’s peeing like crazy that day.

He picks a day and does that. You can google how long it does take for your body to start breaking muscle. As far as I know, first 20 hours it’s mostly burning fat.