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Water Retention When Sick?

I’ve been sick with a sinus infection for the past week and a half, so I’ve missed out on training (both weights and MMA). This might be all in my head, but I’ve noticed by the way I feel and what seems like in the mirror, that I seem softer like I put on a few lbs. of fat.

At first, I figured this was retention, just my body holding on to fluids since I’ve been sick, but I’m not sure. My scale weight hasn’t really changed, but I do feel bloated and it hasn’t gone away yet.

Granted, I haven’t been able to keep up nutrition AS strict (not like I ate pizza or anything like that, just have been somewhat low on the calories due to feeling sick), but I honestly feel like I have gained a lot of fat for only one week.

Is this is even possible in a week? I assume if it is water retention, my levels will return to normal once I finish this cycle of antibiotics.

Who cares? When you feel better, get back to work.