Water Retention Since Switching HRT Clinic

I’m 32 years old and I’ve been on HRT for almost 2 years now. Had to switch providers because of location and pricing. The Test that I’m on with my new provider is a Test E / Cyp blend. The water retention and stomach bloat has gotten crazy. I thought it was all Estrogen related so I upped my AI and ended up tanking my E2 to a 7. I’m only taking 160 mg a week via 2 shots. Do you think It might just be the long esters causing the trouble since the bloat has been there with both high and low estrogen? I’ve taken prop before and didn’t have anything close to this kind of bloat.

The ester really shouldn’t matter, AFAIK.

Where on your body do you inject? I have seen some horrible pictures of people who inject in their stomach.

Ouch…Sub cutaneously into stomach or into the abdonmen?

I rotate between my medial delts, front delts, tear drop, and upper quads

I usually rotate between glutes and quads. I dont think it has anything to do with injection sites. The only place I seem to carry the water is right under my nipples and over my abs and love handles. My face will bloat up as well sometimes. I know it’s just water retention because I live on the beach and when it gets hot outside or I’m in the sun my nipples get puffy as hell and my love hanles puff out. Thats only started since I began TRT. I know it sounds like my E2 is off but I’ve checked it so many times it’s not funny. High or Low doesn’t seem to matter. Water intake is high and sodium is low. Running out of ideas!

sodium is low = aldosterone is low = water retention/high blood pressure/high resting heart rate.

excess T burns through cortisol and can impact/lower aldosterone.

do a search for “sea salt pupil test”.

Hey Chance… I read a bunch of the articles but didn’t really see anyone complaining of water retention. I don’t really have the fatigue and brain fog most were talking about. I do seem to sweat under my arms a little more then usual so maybe it’s worth a try.

are you sure youre not just fat?

Haha… Yea I’m sure I’m not just fat! I’m an endurance athlete and have run 2 half ironmans. My BF is around 9-10%. All this started a couple of years ago when I had a very bad case of mono. Since then I’ve been trying to get all my levels back to normal. The HRT provider I was with last year had me on way to much. 400mg Test week/ plus Deca and then even threw some winstrol in there as well. Not going to lie I felt unbelievable for a while as I should have with those kind of doses. The thing that makes me think this is a problem with the test is because when I was on the Winstrol I was ripped! If I had an aldosterone issue then wouldn’t it have been there Winstrol or not? I do remember when I was using Prop the bloat was much less then what Ive got going now

Hold on, so before you were on a regimen consisting of:
-400 mg/week Test

Now you are on:
-160 mg/week Test

I really hope I am just not understanding the timelines of when you started “retaining water”…did it happen to coincide with when you stopped your doctor approved steroid cycle?

No it did not… I was having water retention issues even on that Dr prescribed “Steroid Cycle” . I’ve been up and down trying to find the right amount of test to keep me within normal range. Of course my last guy had me in the plus 1500 range which caused it’s own host of problems especially being an endurance athlete. It was really nice when I figured out that something wasn’t right and switched over to the people I’m with now and having them tell me if I don’t start dumping blood I could stroke out during one of my races Or during training. I work for a compounding company and I know that they are not all created equal which makes me think that I might be having a reaction to this companys Test E/ Cyp blend. I’ve ordered some Prop and plan on giving that a try.