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Water Retention Overnight After Binge-Normal?


Hey all,

I normally walk around at 180 on the nose. On Thursday, after my workout I stepped on the scale and was 178.8 and a little dehydrated. I grabbed a bottle of water and felt pretty good afterwards.

Fairly soon after that, I went out with some friends (college break) and for that night (Thursday) and then Friday night we drank a lot of alcohol. On top of that, I ate most of a large pizza hut pizza last night while very under it.

This morning, obviously, I felt like crap, but I looked wayyy worse. My stomach was large and bloated, my fingers were swollen and my face was big and puffy. I stepped on the scale and weighed 188.2. I started pounding water and am about to go have a sauna, but I have yet to get anything really "moving"- in fact, I just weighed myself and weigh 190.8.

Is this "normal", considering the circumstances (mildly dehydrated, alcohol, and lots of salty food)? Will a few days of heavy water intake and clean eating get me moving back in the right direction?





Thanks mate!


Lol glad that was resolved.


in the spring of 2008 i spent 9 days in spain and got my weight up from 185 to 200 on a diet of iberico ham, provolone, wine and sangria. my body felt poisoned and i looked bloated and horrid-- kind of like how lots of scottish people look all the time.

thankfully, things fixed themselves.


Totally normal and it will right itself withing a few days to a week:)