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Water Retention or Super Fast Gaining Fat?

Good day dear pro

I added to my diet just 1 tb spoon of cottage cheese (i haven’t been eaten dairy for over a year now), and all the sudden i can’t see my abs anymore. So I ate this damn cottage cheese in the morning and tonight i see no shreded abs anymore :frowning: is it some kind of magic? or I just really don’t need any dairy in my diet like most of sportsmen?
Also, how long will be recovery process? Do I need to make cardio session? I want to see those 6pack back ;(

You mean you had visible abs this AM, ate extra cheese, your abs are now not visible this PM?

And your posting the same day?

If so, it’s not fat.

Let’s think about this logically for just a second.

• You haven’t eaten dairy in over a year (I’m assuming you’re lactose intolerant like me?)

• You ate something this morning with dairy in it, and now your abs are gone?

It’s bloating. Trust me on this. Stay away from dairy if you care that much about your abs, man.


yes, the same day.
no extra cheese, just cheese. i haven’t ate it for over a year :slight_smile:
how can i get rid off this water now?

thank you
i was hoping it is bloating, i just need to hear somebody’s professional opinion too.
Thank you :slight_smile:

So shredded abs to zero abs?

I would say it’s all a dream, you dreamt you had shredded abs and then woke up to reality.

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Im also dairy intolerant, and I think its a combination of bloating and a general inflammatory response, along with increase cortisol. All 3 of which will ‘fluff up’ your mid section.

I dn’t lose my abs, but they definitely get fluffier, and my face looks fatter lel.

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Not a problem. Enjoy being shredded.

why such a mean comment? you think you better then anyone else or what?
is it supposed to be joke? have you seen my abs? or do you live next door?
or you live such a lonely life you you feel urge to post at least anything even if it’s useless?

She’s actually a woman with severe anorexia

Seriously what is wrong with some people.

I don’t think it’s possible to loose all vision of your abs in the space of a few hours no matter what you ate.

It’s all in your head.

My life is great thanks.

I don’t live next door.

I have not seen your abs.

I don’t take this stuff too seriously.

I don’t think I’m better than anyone.

I can be pretty helpful in threads that are not truly stupid.

I’m sorry if you took offence.

@Spock81 if that is indeed the case then I can see that what I thought a jokey comment could cause upset.

@itsallaboutfat if this is the case then I apologise and hope you get the help you need.

You had no idea , obviously. At first glance of course it seems to be a ridiculous question , but that’s only because it was asked by a mental illness rather than a rational mind .
I also hope she gets the help that she needs .

Please don’t be
I am serious.
I have not mental illness, I just need right trainer, who could explain me what diet I need to follow and who could write me a correct workout program. I save enough money and ready to give all of it away just for right results. I’m very diligent padawan, so I hope it’s possible to find my Jedy on this website
if you know somebody with right qualification please give me a link or contacts

I gave you that info two months ago.

Which of those sites did you contact?

You have completely lost touch with reality. 1 tablespoon of anything didn’t change your physique. Get a grip.

She’s okay.

Are you? Do you feel hungry?

If you feel hungry, eat 555 calories worth of food.

If you don’t feel hungry, do you feel tired?

If you feel tired,sleep for 55.5% of a day.

Beyond that, I can’t help you.

Are you being honest to yourself?

You could be happy being like this, but is it sustainable?

If you are happy, then we’re happy for you, but it seems like you’re quite unsatisfied with something.

They have given you good advice but it seems like you didn’t take it. Do you not trust them?

Humans need affection to thrive, especially girls. You can count on us for support, but if you don’t take it, you can’t expect things to develop. We have different ways of communicating.

For a start, look at the bigger picture. You didn’t announce your goals explicitly. Any ideal bodyweight? You seem to prefer assessing improvements via body composition comparisons. Have you gotten your bodyfat percentage tested?

Is it healthy. It isn’t. What did the doctors say?

If you’re a perfectionist beware and be aware of the multifold risks that can unfold.

You may lose control of your life and become obsessive of controlling bodily factors that may seem aesthetically pleasing initially but once your perception is heightened, you may change your mind.

Don’t fret over the little details and take action.

  1. Start exercising if you haven’t.
  2. Read up on dietary guidelines and do your best to adhere.
  3. Meet up with friends and ask for feedback.
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded people, romantic partners and spiritually aligned people.
  5. Don’t be a perfectionist. But stay as one.
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Referring to your log BTW.

You are right
I’m agree to every sentence.
I have all my troubles because i have already read all diet/nutritions books-websites-medical research and articles.
I loose all my myscles and now I want to gain it back. quality mass, as you may… i know it almost impossible and this waves i make (fit and healthy to super cut phase->to anorexia->overtraining->trying to gain quality muscles without fat) is super crazy move but I hope I can make it. Because psychologically I will not be able to go through that phase when i need to live some period of life with round face and non visible abs…
I’m ready to pay everything to trainer who will take me under his wig and help me to survive on this hard road.
I’m tired of being a sith. I’m ready to go back to right Jedy’s side :slight_smile: