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Water Retention on Test/Dbol First Cycle

Your typical question but I cant seem to get a solid answer.

My buddy is doing his first cycle. He’s been training for years, and is 30 years old now. He tried var and I told him not to waste his time going only oral a few years ago. He didn’t take that advice and did 4week spurts of it a few times. Scared of needles.

Anyways he finally popped his cherry and went with the typical 500mg test e 30mg dbol cycle. His first four weeks went great and he dropped the dbol about a week ago. Now he sees some extra water retention and claims he feels like his estrogen his getting higher. No blood work obviously.

I told him its possible but only water retention alone as a side is a pretty mild side and he maybe should consider adjusting his diet (which the holidays did effect…) and let the test do its thing for a few weeks.

He’s dead set on buying some adex. I told him if he seriously thinks he needs some control he could use some of the nolva he has set away for pct and see if that makes a change. His response was he thinks that will lower his test levels.

I know he’s done his homework and he’s not wrong but I think he is over reacting and just getting suppliment crazy. Being his very first week ever on 500mg of test and no oral or anything. So can someone give me a good answer to give this guy.

Arimidex or Nolvadex or nothing for his water retention concern one week five of a 16 week test cycle? And why specifically.

No Nolva, as Tamoxifen won’t help with that. It helps with gyno as it is an antagonist of estrogen in breast tissue.

Arimidex is an option but test alone will make for some water retention as it has effects on the tubules in the kidney so if it’s just a little water retention and no other estrogen-associated sides, it’s probable that your friend will

  1. Not get rid of the water

  2. Crash his E2, feel shitty, have limp noodle and hinder his gains as estrogen is important for all that

So tell him, without other indicators of high estrogen No and without blood work that confirms it, a double No on Adex.


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Prefect thanks alot. That helped calm him down a little. I run mild cycles myself but I didn’t want to be the final word of advice for him with my limited knowledge. So much to learn even with years of this stuff it doesn’t stick lol


No problem man.

Your friend could also be very sensitive to the edema side effects but see other E2 sides later. That’s why blood work is important if he’s a beginner to know what amount of T will put him at what E2 level. If his E2 is sky high on labs, then he can take some adex, but always low doses, as it’s very powerful in lowering estrogen. Sky high E2 on solo Test happens with people with high body fat for example.

Also running DBol at the beginning was a small mistake as dbol aromatizes too. But it’s now out of his system and the problems started afterwards so I tend to say no on his high estrogen.

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