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Water Retention on Bulking Cycle

Hello guys. Im running 250 test e 500 tren e and im holding a lot of water weight. Im doing also 0.5mg of adex eod but it doesnt help much.
It seem like when i go over 300 g of carbs daily i start to bloat a lot. I eat over 600g carbs daily now and the water retention is very bad now. Im getting lower back pump now too. Is here anyone whos got same problem when bulking? And is there anything to do about it other than dropping carbs under 300g ? Any help appreciated.

Drink some more water and do more cardio. You’ll lose the water weight in no time.

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do you really need that much of carbs to bulk up? It may be sodium too, high carbs, high sodium… your test/ tren/ adex ratio looks ok… everyone is different, so it may be your carb/ sodium intake. When I want to lose water I just cycle carbs… I do 1/ 2 days with low carbs 250g or even less… you could use some diuretic, but you need to use it as the last thing… diuretic is the last thing you should use… Try to cycle carbs, 1 super high, 2 medium, 2 low… 1 high, 2 low, 1 high… your choice… you can bulk UP with less retention doing this… and you’ll not lose size, you’ll lose only water.

Yes i need to eat 6k cals now so i realy need 600g carbs. I might try cycle carbs like u say. But when im off cycle and do 600g carbs I dont bloat this much. I dont get it. I think sodium is not the problem. Im now trying to drink 10l of water daily too.

I get a lot of retention around my neck, back and face when I’m bulking, especially with dbol… I know that retention will drop away and I’ll be left with all the results of hard work and clean eating, so I just accept it. I was taking 500 test/600 tren e, added dbol, and bloating got baad. I dropped test to 250 and finished the 5 wk dbol, and all is well now. I feel for you though… 6k calories gotta be tough while on tren… it’s necessary to keep carbs adjusted like thiago said… I know my tren cycles don’t allow a lot of bulking to take place, so i try to really add wieght on before the tren… that stuff just cuts me up good! Enjoy the ride, and know that under all that water is the good shit bro… haha

any human being eating 600 carbs/ day, doing some steroids, will hold a lot of water… only way to get out this water (your case) is using diuretics (I do not recommend use, but in your case it may be necessary).

6.000kcaks??? wtf! super!

My friend ate 800-900 daily and didnt hold as much as I do now. Do you know how to safely use diuretics ?

Diuretics is never a safe route. If you’re holding that much of water, you could cycle carbs as I told you and when you do super high carbs/ sodium, etc and start to hold too much water, then you could use some diuretics, but only when necessary. Do not abuse diuretics… you shoudn’t use it every day, only when holding a lot of water… if you’re holding a lot of water all the time, there is something wrong with other things… maybe E1, E2, excess carbohydrate intake/ sodium… specificity of the steroid used, etc…

I do use it only when competing, last days before the show or for some photos, etc… but this is rare. I know people who use diuretics along with the cycle, all the time, non stop, just to keep that dry visual, but this is super hard for kidneys, super, super… don’t do it. Someday they’ll pay for this kinda abuse. U can abuse some steroids, but don’t abuse diuretics! As I told, you could use lasix (strong one, U urine sodium and potassium) or you can use some potassium sparing diuretic, they are usually easier for the system, but don’t dry you like lasix… you need to test it, some cannot do lasix, they are super strong… you’ll need to test it… if you are really bloated, you could do 1 pill right after your high carb/ sodium day… don’t know… you need to test it. But I’s look for other things and try to take this water out without diuretics… after the diuretics use, normally U get more water than before, that’s the rebound effect! Right after a competition or photoshoot I used diuretics, you start to hold more water than before… 2 days of glory (depending of how much diuretics U’ve been using for the epecific day) and 2/3 days of bloated all. This is not a good feeling!