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Water Retention Help?

I’ve been taking No Xplode for about 2 weeks, 2.5 scoops prior to my work outs, everything is going great, except I’ve put on about 8 lbs of weight.

I’m having amazing workouts, but at the same time I’m finding myself extremely thirsty at night. I 'm thinking the creatine is bulking me up with water, and not in the way i was hoping.

Anybody have an idea of what I’m going through, explanation, advice.

Also, the most recent T-Nation article describing “how to cut 5 lbs in 6 days” entails that you drink 3 gallons per day. Does anybody know the lethal dose of water? That is, how much can you consume in a given period that will kill you. I mean, 3 gallons is a shitload…

Feel free to give advice, or flame, whichever you prefer, I’m not a noob to bodybuilidng, but I know I have lots to learn.

Creatine makes you retain water, thats the idea of it.

The new article or for contest prep, not for normal, daily life.

The toxic level of water is virtually unreachable as long as you piss. Not pissing and drinking water all the time is dangerous, if your peeing, your fine.

N.O. explode is total crap. You will get the same results from drinking a large cup of coffee, taking creatine, and going to the gym. But my way is a shitload cheaper.

Welcome to the world of creatine ue my friend

Obvious advice- do not drink too much water all at once, space it out. I once drank 2l in the same time it took me to smoke a cigarette, and it made me feel quite ill

wtf? I think if you consume to much water it messes with your sodium levels, can possibly make you feel dizzy or drunk…just from expierence…

Hmm I think I drink about 2 bottles of water every 3 hours… at the gym around 4.

4-5 for a cardio only workout.

One thing to note is if you feel thirsty that means you are <<>> dehydrated and you aren’t drinking enough water. Everytime you feel thirsty your body is already shifting to retain water -

A woman died of water overload in a water drinking contest last year in California for a radio station contest. But she was just guzzling nonstop much like Kobayashi and his hotdogs. That style of force chugging even when your full and going further and further and further… is when it becomes toxic.

I’m sure you don’t approach anywhere near that level… or I hope you don’t.

Again, that woman was also holding her piss, which is a bad idea. The body wants to excrete for a reason. I drink 1.5gallons easy and sometimes more on training days. I’m alive.

If you increase your water intake significantly, increase your sodium intake. It will stay balanced.

I easily drink 2 gal of water on off days. I drink 1 before 3pm (at work), refill it, and drink it again before bed. At the gym, add in water from BCAA’s, protein shakes, just drinking it, etc. and I’m sure I’m close to 3.

Like GetSwole said, if you are peeing, you’re cool.

BTW, what the fuck is wrong with gaining 8 lbs?