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Water Retention After My Cycle

what would you guys recommend after the cycle to get rid of the water retention and BF that acquire while doing a cycle?

I’d suggest that you address it before the end of a cycle with an aromatase inhibitor… www.isteroids.com Read up on it… My favorite is Aromasin…

Read about Proviron too, I never cycle without it…


alot of the water will dissipate on its own when the cycle is complete. there are also things like dandelion root or uba ursi that can act as natural diuretics. some androgens cause more retention than others and of course certain people retain more than others.

the bodyfat issue is just as simple as reducing your caloric intake, hitting some cardio and if you really wanted to be aggressive you could use some T-3 or clen or both. then theres the marginally unbalanced few who try stuff like usnic acid or DNP which i personally think is tantamount to abusing yourself.

usnic acid is a mitochondrial uncoupler and you’d feel like crap on it. how about the good ole tried and true ECA stack?