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Water Retention After Motorycle Accident

last year I had a bad bike accident. 7 broken ribs collar bone and collapsed left lung
while I nwas in the hospital, I sterted to really puff up. my leggs swelled up badly and I didnt get anything for that as they said, itll go away after time. throughout the year, water retention is a battle. even socks around my lower shins show edema and I get water pills as of late because it feels very uncomfortable,

ive been sent to do some tests. worrying it may be kidney issues. maybe prostate. urinating can come out like a rocket or can be slow at the end but seems to never finish.

maybe some vein issues from under the shoulder area because of the broken collar bone. I have bad shocks when I work out if I lift my arm to certain angles. feels like static charge. its not specific to working out but im moving alot at the gym. when I do walks and if I move my arm in certain angles I get zapped.
I also have constant tingling in my hands like theyre falling asleep. this is since the accident.

what things can I do to remove water retension?

is white rice ok?
bread, about 6" baguette in certain meals.
tuna in water (salt)
cottage cheese (has some salt)
chicken breast
eggs (whole)
thats pretty much my diet,
calcium magnesium iron mix
I take water pills (pharmacy) furosemide 40mg and still retain water.

sometimes im walking and I feel the top of my feet have jiggle. and I have excess jiggle even if I keep a low calorie diet, carbs arent the best but I dont eat much. im very accurate on amount I eat

last question
does gear (stanlozalol/test E/trenbolone) have an effect on kidney or mostly liver?

are you seeing a physician? What type?

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What are your kidney and liver values? Did you suffer organ damage? The body holds onto more water in times of trauma to use as a transport and healing medium. If you had a lot of soft tissue or vascular damage you could be looking at lymphedema which is found more in the extremities than central areas. In the case of lymphedema diuretics won’t work because the vascular system filtering and returning the fluid is damaged. Also using diuretics for anything other than heart failure is dangerous and could cause kidney damage. You should weigh yourself daily and keep this record for your physician. Natural diuretics like dandelion root should be safe if not used excessively.


Good info. I had w blood teet apt setup and nurses went on strike. Have one coming up but also moving this week as lesse is up. Found a better place

not if it is injected.