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Water Retention after Cutting Cycle

Ok i finished my 2month cutting training last friday…i was suposed to start mass/hypertrophy immediately on monday…But after that cycle i decided to give myself some cheat days and i ate alot of fast food and stuff during the weekend to treat myself for finished training…now i got enormous water retention and its allready thursday and i am on my hypertrophy diet and training now but can someone tell me is there any way to lose water while having no carb down?

and will water retention keep reducing during the week or will stay like this?its like i had abs a week ago and now i can barely see any?what to do ppl?i need to measure in monday and that water will mess all info up…can someone tell me what to do?I am sorry if i missed a forum but i am new… thanks

Cut salt and drink ALOT of water. Should get rid of some water retention.

Taraxatone or Dandelion root. I don’t have experience, but both are natural diuretics often recommended on this site.

2 full body workouts concentrating on high rep squats deadlifts and bench presses.Hanging leg raises. Green tea, Coffee, water(lots of it).If you dont want to do all that, you dont have too, the water retention will go away once your body adapts back to high carbs.