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Water Repartioning?

greetings t-earthlings. well, last night i blew it. i ate half my bodyweight in food and for some reason this morning i am no worse for the wear. actually my abs look a bit more ripped than they were before the breakdown. how can this be? i did have to take several huge dumps early this morning and it appears that a large amount of what i ate wasn’t really even processed due to the excessive intake. did overloading on all of this food cause my digestive tract to somehow hoard all the water in my body in an attempt to either process or evacuate itself? leaving all of my other tissues relatively water free producing some sort of diuretic effect? on a side note i was extremely hot last night (thermic efect?)and was hornier than goat on vitex. my t-levels must have been off of the charts. i plan to get back on track today and forget this ever happened, but i find this somewhat puzzling. any ideas? kevo

I hate to break it too you but you’ve got a tapeworm. Kidding. Were you previously dieting? If so, maybe you boosted your metabolism/endocrine system out of it’s slumber. Other than that, the Thermic effect you suggested, along with a laxative effect from the sheer volume may be a reasonable assumption. I’d be interested in any weight changes. What kind of food did you eat? Estimate how much. I can’t claim to know the answer, but I’m interested.

bigrob - my diet and the foods i keep on hand are extremely low fat (thank God). let me see…i raided the pantry pretty good so this won’t be a pretty sight (please forgive me), but i believe i had two scoops of advanced protein with a shitload of grapenuts and some 2%milk, three protein bars (the glycerin and malitol prolly contributed to the water hoarding), two bags of corn-cakes (similar to rice-cakes), a couple of morningstar corndogs and sausage patties, three oatmeal fruit bars, two bags of popcorn and several handfulls of grapes. this was over a four hour time period and prolly totalled around 3500 calories (half carb, half protein, low fat). i am currently dieting (1800-2000 cals/day) w/2 hours of cardio/day and have been for the past three weeks. i usually have an unplanned breakdown every week. they are usually not this bad though. just before this binge i had finished an hour of cardio, so i would imagine that some of this went towards glycogen replenishment. and with as much cardio as i do my nutrient partitioning pretty stoked. i am curious how much was actually digested and stored away? i just can’t imagine that it was all that much judging by my bowel movements. this has happened quite a few times before and is very predictable. i woke up this morning dying of thirst and was thinking that as i began dringking more water during the day i would start to smooth more than usual, but so far this has not been the case. hmmm? kevo

I remember a while back hearing that in order to metabolize 1 gram of carbo, you take 4 grams of water. So, if the carbs are going into the muscle, it would have to take with it water in a 4:1 ratio. Hence, the thirsty feeling (low blood fluid since it’s going into muscle). That would tend to lead to constipation, which makes the logic break down somewhere. Just a thought.

Kevo, what does your diet consist of? I’m dieting too, and I am eating around the same amount of calories. I fell off the wagon a couple times and i swear i feel like my bodyfat went up 2%. i started putting a bannana and oatmeal in my post workout shake…one night i had a couple beers, another night i lost it again and ate a chocolate and heath bar dipped waffle cone with choc ice cream a brownie marshmellows and almonds. i could of ate another right then. i felt so bad i did an hour of cardio right afterward. then last night i lost it again and ate mexican food… i feel like those couple days put me back where i started, what’s up with that, i feel so damn discouraged. 6 weeks hard dieting blown like that. i have been doing cardio everyday to make up for it but so far -nothing! could you put on weight that quick?

justin - here are basically the foods that pick from day to day: protein - eggs, chicken, turkey, tuna, cheese, milk, powders and bars; carbs - corn, rice, potatos, wheat bread, oatmeal, grapenuts and an assortment of fruits & vegetables; fat - cheese, milk, nuts, EFA and flax oil; post workout is usually surge. ocassionally i will throw in something like a corn dog or an egg roll or something like that, but my diet is typically extremely clean. when i fall off the wagon for a day this is the usual result and i can get right back on without any real damage. but if i go for several days and eat things like ice cream and pastas i smooth out really fast. actually for the first couple of days i sweat my ass off at night and just look to be retaining water and then on day three or four i stop sweating at night and my skin actually hurts. no shit! when i am in the shower and i take a bar of soap and lather up my torso it feels like my entire body is bruised. i was told that this has to do with accelerated fat storage after being on an extended diet and your body figures out how to more efficiently store fat again. yikes! if i go long enough i will stop hurting, but will still keep blowing up. when i finally get a hold of myself and fire the diet back up and kick the cardio into overdrive my skin will hurt again as i cross back over the line into fat loss. this must sound weird, but it is just like clockwork everytime. i can put on fat fast enough to make my head spin. the good thing though is that i can take it off just as fast. i know all about getting discouraged t-bro i have been going strong now for several weeks, so this latest episode has done little to get me down. but the funny thing is that i get so discouraged and caught up in all my disgust that i failed to notice that i have grown more during the last 12 months of poor dietary discipline than i ever have before. simply because i basically have been eating more. duh! it has been mind numbing rollercoaster of dietrary extremes for me, but in the end it has really worked out for the better. keep plugging away! kevo

This is just me, but I find that it takes 2 or 3 days for a binge to show up in my bodyweight and/or bodyfat. So give it more time and see what you think.

Kevo I’d say you stored a lot of that food as glycogen and without the added water you got the muscles filling up without spilling over. Some bodybuilders will do that prior to a contest to get the tight shrink wrapped look. Now if you drink lots of fluids for the next couple of days you might see some smoothing out but keep in mind…you can probably store 300-500 grams of glycogen in your muscles…If you’ve been dieting hard for a while most of that 300-500 grams will be depleted…so basically a lot of the carb portion of your pig out probably went to glycogen storage.