Water purity and athletic performance...

Who has read anything from Myodynamics.com on the need for pure water. In ever paid much attention to it thinking it was more of a stylish fad than anything. In this site you will find reasons why you need pure water, don’t know if it is true though. Any thoughts?


Thanks for that. It’s interesting stuff, Thanks!

i just read this article and also am curious to whether or not this is true. anyone else have any opinions on this. i saw that brock mentioned in the post about best supplements that “clean drinking water” was important. is this what he was referring to?

If pure water is so important, then how did Arnold, Grimek, Franco, etc. get so big? I’ve never seen those guys toting around a Brita. Also, how about Kenyan runners? Do they have six packs of Evian that they drink after their runs in the country?

Water Boy, drink whatever you want

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