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Water Polo Diet


I just am starting waterpolo this year as a junior and I am coming off a summer of intense weight training where I gained some good muscle and lost some bodyfat. I want to continue to look pretty ripped but I dont know what diet is appropriate for waterpolo.

In the summer I was eating alot of healthy protein meals and having shakes. It will be harder to go to the gym after practice because of exhaustion and school but i want to take the fullest advantage of the workouts that we have in practice. (These workouts being mostly upper body) Should I continue to eat as much as I can to pack on muscle or try to cut? I have a bottle of HOT-ROX Extreme still that I might be able to put ot good use.

All in all im about 6'1 now and 175. Any suggestions would be great.


That's all well and good but what's the horse gunna eat?


can someone whose not a total douche bag answer my question?


Didn't you already ask essentially the same question in another thread?

As for bulk vs. cut, do you want to get leaner or add size? What is your long term goal?

Why ask complete strangers what you should do?


cause I didnt get the answer I needed. My main question is about the usage of HRE


fat floats... I say bulk.


is this your first year at waterpolo?

In season waterpolo your metabolism should be screaming, especially 6'1 at 175, id be worried about holding onto lean mass is if i was you. So id hold onto the HRE.

lifting wise, i assume you'll be practicing 5 days a week and a weekend meet? If i was you id be looking into heavy low rep scheme, 5x5, 5/3/1, TBT, what ever you feel like you can handle.

diet wise youll need a higher carb intake to keep preformance, when i was doing a swiming circuit for triathalon training it seemed like i could eat what ever i want, and i was probably doing half the swimming volume you'll do.

putting on muscle is off season status unless youre new to the sport or swimming, cut is out of the question, id be looking to keep maintinance.


Im was a waterpolo player and a national swimmer. The best diet is a balanced. Make sure u got all your bases covered. greens, fruits, meat, etc.
Traditionally the swim team and wopo team would have high carb dinner the day before a meet/game, this is just tradition though. You need the energy though so dont skip out on carbs in you quest to be ripped.

Dont cut, youll lose alot of weight during waterpolo, since you cant hold on to the sides of the pool or stand on the bottom you'll be either treadin or swimming for your whole practice.
You'll look ripped dont worry.
I'd suggest doin low rep (5/3/1) in the mornings and dont do bodybuilding split..please.

Most important thing is sleep and eat alot of the right things.Thats more than just protien fyi


Thanks alot fellas. Im eating as much dairy, fruits, whole grains, beef, etc as I can. I actually have no idea how many calories I am burning a day with these workouts. I always bring a home made protein shake to drink after practice. I have come into practice on a empty stomach a few times and Im guessing that is a bad idea since ill have no carbs in my body to burn and my body will go straight to muscle correct? What is good to eat before I go to practice (about two hours before). Mostly complex carbs and protein (60 C- 30 P %)?