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Water Manipulation

Does anyone have an idea how long it would take to get into “flushing mode” consuming 2.5-3.5 gallons of water a day? The reason I ask is because I was planning on doing shredded in six days but my work duties don’t allow it. I could be away from a washroom or my car for as long as four hours, so pissing every half hour for a week during work isn’t really an option. I am also allergic to pharm diuretics so that isn’t an option either.

I was thinking if I took thursday and friday off work, and started water loading on wednesday afternoon and then used any natural diuretics, probably watertight or taraxatone thursday and friday and DMAE because that makes me piss like a race horse. Also probably a bit of vodka friday night when I cut water down to sipping only.

Either way ill try and do a try run or two over a weekend 3-4 weeks out to make sure I dont look like shit.
Another option is to not do anything at all I suppose, but im open to suggestions, and if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated.

Only way to see if your body responds in the time alloted is to try it. I wouldn’t use vodka though, I’ve heard of guys useing strong coffee or even espresso for their ‘sips’.