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Water Loss Products


I compete in weightlifting, and I have an upcoming comp in which i have to lose a few pounds. I have little to no more fat to lose, so i purchased a product called "watertight" but PVL. the main ingredient is taraxacum. I've heard from a few ppl that this is an effective product to strip off some waterweight, but what i'd like to know is if any of you t-nationers have noticed any decrease in strength while using this or similar products.


Its just the latin name for dandelion. There was some debate as to whether it was root or leaf that was a dirutetic but it seems to be the leaf more so. The root is a diuretic too but also a mild laxative. It works well for water loss.

Not as well as frusemide though, not that i'd recc you try that.


Sorry misread your post, I don't think you'll lose loads of strength but you might lose a bit. Probably lose enough to lower your max a little bit. For several reasons.