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'Water Is Not Healthy'


No need for us to drink water anymore

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: EU says water is not healthy


whaaaaaaat haha


How can something that is essential to life not be healthy? I guess they're right.. no more water for me. Health, here I come.


Awesome now that pizza is a vegetable and water is not healthy, I will substitute the 2L of water I drink on most days for a Little Caesar's meat lovers (Large w/ extra cheese) and report on how much this has improved my health and training.


I've known this for years. I've been voluntarily h2o free since 08! Results above!


I guess bureaucrats are more out of touch than thought possible! Thought Dr. Briffa of the UK had a nice article on the EU's ruling. I'm still planning on drinking water to hydrate despite what the health experts believe.

"Water can?t prevent dehydration (according to the European Union)"


With US politicians trying to make pizza a vegetable because of tomatoe sauce and now this (plus so many other things)...without turning this into a PWI thread...please, someone, tell me why I'm supposed to trust the government with my health, safety, and money...

Anyone else ready to go buy an island? Sigh


If you would have read it, you would know instantly that it is a political/legal reason, not health reason.


I actually did read it, thanks for trying to be condescending.

Yes, they did it for political reasons, but do you really think that it wont have any negative health effects? You don't think there can be any negative effects to companies not being able to go, "Hey, drink our water, it's healthy, their soda isn't."?

Just like the pizza being labeled as vegetables. Of course it's done for political reasons, but now schools can serve it by itself, save money, and claim they're serving vegetables.

The fact that it they're doing it for political reasons doesn't make me feel any better...if they were just that stupid, that would be disconcerting. The fact that they're willing to to play games with our health for political reasons, that just makes me angry.


The government told the cereal makers that they could only have x amount of sugar per portion. Cereal companies changed their portion size.

Don't get angry, get educated. Do what is right for you. Want to go further? Do something about it.


Not done your hair any favours though!!

Only kidding.


I ditched the long hair about 5 years ago. It's all about the #3 clipper!