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Water Intake


I've heard from a lot of places to drink a gallon of water a day. What exactly are the benefits drinking so much? Muscle production? Fat loss? What's the story?



There's a lot of hype about drinking a ton of water, but I'm not exactly sold on it.

If you play sports and sweat a lot during the day, then you'll certainly need more than some schmo sitting in a cubicle all day.

That being said, I do always have something to drink sitting in front of me, but I don't even attempt to keep track of how many times I refill my cup.


Beer ?


People often eat because they feel hungry, but their body is actually just thirsty. So it can be useful to keep hydrated if you want to lose weight.

Drinking water is generally good for you too. Most people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to all kinds of health problems.


Just to name a few: water lubricates joints, removes wastes, relieves constipation, excretes excess sodium, improves your metabolism, aids in circulation, mobilizes fat, prevents dehydration, maintains muscle tone, hydrates skin and organs, aids in digestion, transports nutrients, maintains body temperature, and lessens water retention? just to name a few benefits.

They recommend more water on high protein diets too.


Definitely important if you take in alot of protein. Since excessive protein intake can be hard on the kidneys, adequate water consumption is vital. It's true that if your mouth is dry and you feel thirsty you've been dehyrated long before these symptoms showed up.

My test for adequate water consumption is the color of my urine (unless I took a vitamin) it should not be mountain dew(ish) in color and smell like concentrated urea. At most it should have a faint hint of yellow but I like to keep mines as close to clear as possible.

Also, I've found that too little hydration during the day leaves me tired and sluggish. But don't overdo it either as you can flush out electrolytes in the process. But definitely more is better.


Well said MR1, and to name another essential function: body temperature, wich water helps to regulate.

The bodyweight consist of approximately: 60-80% of water, (depending on age and so on) and the muscle cells of approximately: 75% water.

Logical, water is crucial for performance and a good water intake should help to gain optimal results!


LOL, yeah, that would go well with training wouldn't it?

Anyhow, to the OP, do you see a bit of the hype I was talking about? Water is somehow involved in every bodily function so there is no doubt as to how important it is, but the only thing I've ever noticed if I try to drink a ton is that you have to eliminate it somehow.


A tip for high water consumers is to press some lemon in to your daily water. It reduces toilet visits... :wink:


is that why they put a lemon in your water in restruants? so youll order more food and not use there bathroom or something? lol


He drinks Strange Brew.