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Water Intake: Creatine


Yea i know drink lots of water when taking creatine but exactly how much cause is it possible to over do it( on the water)? Is there like a chart or something like every gram of creatine drink x amount of water? I checked in the search engine but i couldnt find nothing about amount of water intake when using creatine. Thanks for the help.


When taking creatine its very important that you wear a bum bag (fanny pack in US) and keep all your stuff in it, you must also carry around a gallon jug of water otherwise you won't grow.


Man just stay well hydrated. Not only when taking creatine but all the time. Id say aim to take in a gallon or so of water aside from what you get from shakes food etc.. But it depend on your size as well.

Being an active person sweating etc. you need it and it has been reported that most of the world is very under hydrated.

A good measure is to aim to get your urine to be VERY light colored if not almost clear.

Hope that helps,


As said above, simply, no, you cant drink enough water.


The "over doing" part kicks in when you drink 5 gallons, depending on size, acitivity, and all that stuff. Hypernatremia (sp) occurs when you oversaturate yourself with water and it forces sodium out of your cells.

Like Phil said, drink about a gallon (3.784 L) a day and you will be fine.


Sometimes I think people over think things........Of course I'm not completely sure, I'll have to give it more thought.




You are wrong sir. I always work my pack in front and called it my "nut sack".