water in prop

Made some homemade Prop yesterday with D’s kit. Followed the directions to the T. Well now I have water in my final product. Noted by a clear line at the base of the vial. I dried my powder for 4 hours so how water was in there is beyond me. Tried to get rid of the water by cooking the Prop in the oven at 250 for a few hours, which is over water’s boiling point but nothing happened. Also the Prop is more cloudy than clear until I heat it up. Anybody ever have these problems and a solution? Thanks.

ive never made prop so i cant really comment. but i can say that baking something is not an exact science. just because the oven was set at 250 doesnt mean the vial reached that temp. you might want to try it in water in a pot. use a thermometer so you will truly know the temp.

I’ll try the stove top with boiling water. I guess the next question I have is about going too high of a temperature. I don’t know what the boiling point of the oil is. Also would the high temp effect the BA or BB?

just dont get it over the 220 range and you’ll be fine. honestly, if everything is sterile i wouldnt worry about the water much. just do your best not to draw it up, and go for it. sterile water wont kill you by any means.

im curious…how did you go about removing the estradiol?

If you order dazed kit it comes with an estrogen solubolizer. You mix the synovex H with Methanol to dissolve the pellets. Then add the estrogen solubolizer which I have no idea what it is. That’s how he makes his $$. After an hour you rinse the product with a gallon of distilled water. Let it dry and you get Test Prop powder. Then mix it with oil and your finished. My powder wasn’t dry apparently. Sucks.

the only issue i have is how do we know this so called solubizer actually does its job?

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Try cooking your prop again at 250. The boiling point for your BA is 400, so no worries. This time when you boil it, stick a needle from one of your sterile syringes into the cap of the vial to vent it while it cooks. This should allow the water to evaporate. Just don’t stick the pin in so deep enough where the oil will spirt out of it, just enough to vent the vial. This should do the trick. Good luck.

I boiled water last night and had my prop in the water. Top seal of vial completely off to let water escape. Condensation formed above the prop inside the vial but nothing more. Now looking back the water IN the vial never boiled. I’ll try again. Anyways I injected the Prop into my leg this morning with no pain. Tren into shoulder which is a little sore and I’m taking 20 mg of M1T which I like a lot. I’m 246 at 11.25% bf so if I can reach 260 plus I’ll be very happy.

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